Redwood City Rental Glut?

849 Veterans – a six-story, 90-unit apartment building next to the In-N-Out Burger

103 Wilson (Greystar II) – a seven-story, 175-unit apartment building across Jefferson from Sequoia Station

1305 El Camino Real (Greystar III) – an eight-story, 137-unit apartment building on the site formerly occupied by Redwood Trading Post

525 Middlefield Road (Indigo) – this 463-unit apartment building no longer has the construction fencing, and is mostly done and is actively leasing. But there is still some cleanup work being done on the building, and the build-out of the ground-floor retail space—which will be occupied in early October by the San Mateo Credit Union—is still going on, so for just a little longer it still qualifies as “Under Construction”

1675 Kentfield (La Palma) – a twelve-unit single-family-home development near the Jack in the Box on Woodside Road

1 Ucelli (Blu Harbor) – 402 apartments in a set of buildings on the Bay adjacent to Bair Island

One 91-unit condo project got killed by a lawyer:

It does appear that we have one newly approved project that may never see the light of day: one of my faithful readers just informed me that the 91-unit condominium building proposed for the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Bradford Street—the 603 Jefferson project—appears to be headed for the scrap heap. It seems that a local lawyer, who has fought the project every step of the way, has filed a lawsuit with the city over the project. According to this reader, the Pauls Corporation (the project’s developer) “decided that Redwood City was not the venue he could afford to continue in and he scrapped the project”. So although I plan to keep an eye on the project, it appears that we can strike that one from the list…

There might be a dip, but I bet it will all fill. Google’s building on Seaport. Don’t think it’s done yet, but there’ll be plenty of people to want to rent nearby when it is.

I am rooting for RWC to beat the snobbish PA. Let the next $100B startup rise in RWC!

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Maybe we should get rid of law schools or greatly reduce how many there are.

Believe me, that would make RWC residents act like PA residents very quickly. The sharp increase in rents and home prices are making many long-term residents very unhappy. As well as the increase in traffic.

I’m hearing nothing but complaining. If someone IPOs here, gonna be bad for morale.

How can people be unhappy about success? Why would long-term residents hate values increasing unless they are renters?

Why? Because people don’t like fast change.

Some are renters. Many have friends who are renters and resent the gentrification kicking their friends and neighbors out for the seemingly faceless tech community. Many people are complaining about increased downtown and neighborhood traffic because of the amount of building. Many are (legitimately, in my opinion) concerned about Woodside where it gets onto 101 and 101 traffic (which slows down around 3pm already).

Many are concerned about an increase in residents overburdening the schools and lack of planning by Redwood City for said increase in students.

Many feel like these plans get approved despite community opposition or without any community comments.

Also, note, values increasing only matter when they die or move out. … or if they’re landlords. Not clear how many Redwood City residents are landlords.

So if it’s “Hey, my kids will inherit $2M instead of $1M when I die, but my best friend who didn’t buy a house will leave to Sacramento and I won’t get to see her again.”

Or another complaint “Rents have doubled, so the number of residents has doubled next door to keep their per person rent the same which has now doubled the number of cars on a street full of duplexes… and my daughter can’t find a parking spot when she comes over anymore.”

We’re pretty lucky to have two off street parking spots, but I’ve been reading about the fights happening on two nearby streets, and they aren’t pretty.

To be honest, we’re full up on parking on our street too, but I notice it most when it’s trash day and someone moves our neighbor’s trash cans into our shared driveway blocking the exit entirely so that they can park. Super rude.

People do go crazy over street parking. Trash days are the worst. Since I’m young and able, I just park half a block/full block down out of courtesy for the rest of my neighbors.

In some neighborhoods I frequent, people complain that I park in front of their house! It’s street parking and I’m not blocking your driveway! Sigh/

That’s very nice of you to park farther down.

You’re right that street parking is public, but some people like to have the spot in front of their house free especially if they want to have visitors over. Or if they themselves have a hard time walking or have to load up kids. Some people want it for their spouse coming home later. Some people just are protective of “their space” even if it isn’t. I do feel for those elderly people who don’t quite quality for a handicapped spot in front of their house, but really need one.

Back in Boston, I got yelled at by a neighbor for using “his spot” to unload groceries. He’d lived there for 20-30 years, so he was very protective of it (he’s lucky none of us ratted on him for the van he’d leave in it for weeks on end). Both spots in front of my house were taken, one by the landlady living on the first floor, one by some other neighbor. Being visibly pregnant and having to unload probably 10 bags of groceries (and then trek them upstairs), I was pretty miffed that he was upset that I was “borrowing” his spot for a bit. I debated about what to do when I was 9 months pregnant and would really need parking nearby. He did at least apologize later for yelling at me. But after a while, I came to appreciate that other spot in front of our house as “ours” in the grand scheme of parking on the street :slight_smile: But I wouldn’t say anything if someone else took it.

NOW… If people parked across “two” spots because they were new on the street, I would leave them a nice note telling them how to do things. :slight_smile:

The other day I got a knock on my front door and a man asked why I complained about his parking his two vans in front of my townhouse. He told me it was a public street and he could park anywhere he wanted. I explained to him that I didn’t complain but it was a private street, owned by the HOA. Since there were no signs posted, I told him I did not know why anyone would complain.

He asked me if my name was so and so, and I told him no, that is my neighbor. Actually I can see why my neighbor would complain because his wife is disabled and he can use someplace close by. He lost his house during the recession and moved into a small townhouse and has his patio and garage crammed full of stuff so he has no room for his car. I guess for some people it is important to have a close parking space.

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In my San Jose house I used to cram crap into my 2-car garage and park two SUV’s on the driveway. I could park even more cars if I were more careful about planning the space. :slight_smile:

So I don’t know why are you guys complaining about parking…

Now here in SF I do struggle with parking sometimes. For some reason unknown to me SF is really zealous about street cleaning. So every Monday 2-4 I can’t park on one side of the street and Friday 8-10 I can’t on the other side. I mean c’mon, what’s the deal here? But that’s nothing compared to some streets I see where they clean every freaking day!! Do we have armies of dogs pooping on that street or what?? If only they put that much effort into the homeless problem… :thinking:

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Only two cars? Wow! You must not have a very large family. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our duplex uses all the space in front of the house as well as along the house (2 cars for us, 4 cars for the front when the cousin is there). If guests come for either of us, we overflow onto other people’s parking spaces. Front neighbor has 8 people in the family. Small 2BR. Garage is living space–not even filled with crap. As the kids grow older and go to college or work, I imagine there will be more cars. Their husband is sometimes fixing other people’s cars which also adds a car. When my older is old enough to drive, we might also add a car to the mix.

That’s life in the “poorer” neighborhoods of RWC.