Redwood City Sale below Redfin predicted

In my opinion, the curb appeal is not very nice. Frankly, with the row of windows there it almost looks like a church or funeral home. Yes, kitchen leading to the backyard is pretty nice but for some reason it still seems tight in some areas of the house.

Now that you mentioned it, it does look a bit odd…

The schools are horrible too. I don’t study the RWC market at all so @Terri what price do you have in mind?

High school is the only thing we’d care about (and it seems to be good if you’re motivated), and many parents in that area are doing private, parochial, or other public schools (Orion/Northstar).

$640/sq foot is low. I realize the larger houses have a lower price per sq ft. I guess I was expecting $1.8M. though RF estimate says $1.6+.

One way to look at it is that if prices have doubled, I could’ve afforded this house back in 2011-2012 at $750K. No way a house like this was available to me.

Probably an unusual layout, “the house is long and narrow”. When market slows, weak house goes down first.

“Beautiful views with a large, private deck. The house is long and narrow with a living space both downstairs and upstairs. All bedrooms and one bathroom are located upstairs. The kitchen, one living space, and one bathroom are located downstairs. Laundry is located in the garage.
Kalena Masching
Kalena Masching
Redfin Agent - Upper Silicon Valley”


  • mix of styles inside and out (eichler/mediterranean)
  • shared driveway
  • house layout on lot

I didn’t see it, but it looks like a place that might photograph better than it is.

Just got the RF insider report for 94061, and it says prices are down by 5% from last month. Given this is the summer, I would assume that is not a seasonable change.

I hope this trend continues!

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Looks like trend is still up long term…monthly trends are pretty meaningless. .not enough data, can swing wildly with a few outliers…

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