Redwood City Sale below Redfin predicted

384 Greendale Way Emerald Hills

Surprised at the sales price which is both lower than normal at $649/sq ft and was $200K lower than the Redfin predicted price. I didn’t visit it though, so I’ve no idea if it has foundation issue or slanted parking (aka, 40 degree sloped parking) or something.

I found Redfin estimate to be pretty bad in SF, where there can be lots of variations even in the same block.

I think Redfin’s estimate tracks too close to the asking price. We know for a fact asking doesn’t mean much here.

My sis lives in Emerald Hills. A house down the street from her sold for way over asking at it was not as desirable (busier slanted street and needed remodeling). From what she told me, it has not slowed down there at all.

What do people do for high schools? If I remember right the feeder HS is not particularly hot in Emerald Hills.

Ok, here is what my home schooling sister said:

Correct, one of the top CA schools is in RWC (Northstar) but it is for 3-8th grades. Kinda like my alma mater, Lowell High School in SF, where every parent tries to get their kids in there. If no luck, some go to Roy Cloud (my sis’s neighborhood school). Yes, mixed reviews on Roy. Woodside and Sequoia are supposed to be decent. You also have new charter schools like Summit, Everett and apparently one being considered on the Oracle campus called D-Tech???

If those don’t work for you, then there are numerous private schools in the area that are probably good but will set you back around $30K/yr. Yikes, granted it was years ago, but my days at UCLA were cheaper…

There you go, all one needs to know about RWC schooling for now… :slight_smile:

My understanding is that Woodside is good, and you can also transfer into Menlo-Atherton which has essentially an honors program inside of a high school. (However, I’ve been told by parents who are zoned for Woodside that it is better than M-A.) Unless you’re afraid of your kids being around low-income kids, there are reasonable choices that don’t have the suicide rate of Paly. Sequoia has an IB program, so I’ve been told that transferring into Woodside and M-A is easier since people try to transfer out to Sequoia.

Northstar is ok, and not every parent is trying to get their kid in there any more. They’ve been doing a second round of admissions and lowered their entry point to 80%. It is not the school it used to be, but is fine for 80-98%ile kids (it won’t address the needs of 99%ile kids, but few schools do). I don’t honestly see much difference between the parents there and the parents at my parochial school. There are a lot of middle class families who simply want a good education, but not a tiger-mom school. But NSA does feel like a public school. You get nasty notices from the state about tardies and “unexcused” absences and the secretary gives flippant responses about pickup times and doesn’t keep info on after school care options. It feels very disorganized compared to private schools. One reason to peel off to Northstar though, is if you’re zoned for Kennedy, it doesn’t have a great rating. People at Orion and Roy Cloud tend to be happy where they are.

I think the truth is that as a parent you’re balancing commute and your kids education. If you want both, and you can afford it, you buy in Palo Alto or Menlo Park. Buying in RWC is not about education as much as location. But you can buy in RWC, and transfer around to a school you like.

Top-tier private schools are pricey, but you can get financial aid. We are getting finaid for our oldest as well as a grandparent chipping in, so it is affordable to us.

Yes, the location is very nice. I like this area much more so than other South Bay cities. Very quiet and has views in the hills. Before my sis bought there, I did not know the area at all. I would consider moving there from the Sunset instead of say Millbrae but wifey wouldn’t like the commute in. The increase in property tax would be a big turn-off for us too.

PS: Summit and Everest are not, to my understanding, high achieving schools–you’d be better off at MA and Woodside. I believe that they have to randomly choose who they admit, and they score average. They’re probably great for kids who need a small campus, not small fish in big waters. D-Tech is supposed to be in Redwood Shores–a bit of a commute, but I do look forward to that opening.

My sis is starting to complain about the increased traffic as you head down the hill to El Camino though. I guess with all those high tech companies and everyone moving in, it is getting bad down there. She bought in for about 900K I believe so should make a nice return in such a short time if she sold. But again, where to now?

The city has also reduced the lanes on some streets (Farm Hill Blvd. for one) and increased the stop signs.

It’s hard for me to understand how increased jobs is increasing traffic when there’s not additional housing in her area. Much easier to understand how downtown traffic is worse with the additional apartment buildings and Box having been built.

Personally I haven’t noticed an increase in traffic. I have, however, noticed that El Camino heading towards Palo Alto is moving much more smoothly than in past years in the morning. Normally the traffic signals have slowed down the traffic in Atherton and MP significantly. This year, has been better.

When did she buy? If it was 2009/2010, then yes, she’ll double her money. If she’s homeschooling and husband is willing to leave, now is a good time. That extra $900K will go quite far in other places. College fund and house paid off? Great deal!

My sister’s daughter goes to Paly. She said all the suicides are in Gunn apparently? And she moved just to avoid Gunn. :smile:

I’ve never been to Paly or Gunn. Sis said the Gunn campus was kinda creepy with no trees around… hmmm

Ahh sorry! Didn’t mean to blame it on the wrong school.

Ok, it may be just me, but our fearless founder has a max posting limit of 9/day. I suppose that should be enough…

Anyways, you are correct. She lives off Farm Hill and I guess when she takes my cute future Olympiad ice skater niece for her daily training lessons she heads down that way and probably the combination of reduced lanes and more commuters is making her suburban lifestyle less enjoyable.

Yes, she would make a killing since house is paid off. Helps to have a doctor hubby. Where can I find one?

Yeah! Farm Hill is bad now. Down to one lane each way to make a bike lane. People complained but the city could care less. Going back to her house during rush hour must be a nightmare as people use it to go to 280.

I assume she’s heading to the ice rink near downtown. I can see that being difficult. I hear Jefferson is better since its still two lanes. SHe might try adjusting how she heads over.

Doctor? Really? She can go anywhere!

Wut? Let me fix that…

Back on the market:

I saw this one in 2011. I don’t know if at the time we could’ve bought it or if it was right at our mortgagability–it was close though. I think my husband would have liked it (my recollection is that the kitchen was installed prior to 2011).

Really hurts.

[Edit: I’m wrong, the kitchen is new… Maybe this isn’t the one I’m thinking of… still hurts though. I have notes that I saw it.]

Wow. But North Fair Oaks is pretty rough, isn’t it?

There are two parts to NFO. Northern part is “rougher” and less desirable. Southern half is zoned to crappy Elementary and Middle schools, but is desirable. Tree-lined streets, country feel. Some very large lots. 8th street is generally considered the line.

Really surprised at this price. Place looks nice inside, so I’ve no idea what might’ve been wrong. Also, Abryan, although close to a high school, is a small dead end street and
should get neither car traffic now errant High Schoolers like the surrounding neighborhood. Yes, closish to a major street, yet set back enough to not be too noisy.