Regarding Homecare in The Bay Area


I hope the leaders of this forum allow me to offer you this help.:wink::wink::wink:

Before anything being said and done, Merry Christmas to everyone! :pray:

This is an offer to help people that after working hard, they go to a homecare under Medical, and because of regulations, anybody to be taken care of, need to spend down their money to poverty levels. This offer applies only to Northern CA.

I met a lawyer in San Jose days ago. His specialty is in cutting up to 90%+ the costs of homecare for anybody under Medical, no matter the age. It really impressed upon me to find out he could do such thing.

I have in my hands the copy of bills of some cases. Some people 40 years old are the beneficiaries of his program. From $4,900, the costs go to $400 a month, sometimes to $30-$50. It doesn’t matter if the elder or the handicapped person is in a $15K a month facility. They can pick/choose where they would like to be. I repeat, It doesn’t matter, he will reduce that payment to almost nothing.

Annually cost of homecare in the Bay Area is in the $80K-$90K a year range. It may depend on location.

There’s a retainer to be paid to take on your case, lawyers don’t work for free, you know that, don’t you? Let’s put it this way: Say you pay for your mom $10K every month, hypothetically speaking, and you pay that amount as a retainer, one time fee. You saved $110K. Then, you save $120K every year after. Of course, add whatever pennies on the dollar you are going to be paying afterwards. $400? $500 a month?

To be considered, and to fit into this criteria, the person has to have some sizable wealth to protect, otherwise they qualify under welfare or any other program I am not aware of. I don’t know what he does to protect the assets of these people, that’s a law and because I am not an attorney I can’t comment, but he has 100% success rate.

This is serious stuff. Whether you agree with it, or not, somebody, somewhere needs help. Maybe your siblings, mom or pop, or the grand mom and pop? Maybe you are on your way to homecare?

If you have a loved one, a friend, anybody paying that much, and you want to reduce that expense, or you know anybody going to be on their way to a homecare and needs to spend down their hard earned money, send me a private message, tell me your case, I will forward it to see if you qualify. The lawyer makes the determination to help you, not me.

I will keep anything confidential, my ethics are higher than anybody presumes. I expect the same confidentiality in return.