Reminder Folks: Vote Down Rent Control!


This Irish bookmaker paid off early thinking Hilllary won…He is still betting Trump willl lose next time…Don’t under estimate the stupidity of the American people. …

Undeterred by what many are regarding as a shock result, Paddy Power has started to take bets on a host of “Trump specials”.

The bookmaker has priced him at 4/1 to be re-elected come 2020, 20/1 to build a wall spanning “the entirety” of the U.S.-Mexican border, and evens to make Russia his first international visit.


God, we are the laughing stock of the world…this is not a zit that we hide with some foundation people!!!


You guys seem to forget Trump is not really a conservative. He just played one to get votes. Don’t automatically assume he will enact your favorite conservative agenda. A couple years ago free trade was one of the orthodox principles for the right. Not anymore. Goodbye too to a strong American military presence in the world. Oh, plus getting to bed with our old friend Russia.

Reagan is turning in his grave right now.


Great job, Santa Rosa!!!


Great job, Portland (Maine)!!!


Good luck on that dream.
I brought here dates and whatnot where the cry baby landlord could go and make his voice heard but…nobody went. They all just want thing falling on their hands. And I am right saying this.

Rinse and repeat on that losing proposition.


In theory, if you have enough homeowners (a la condos or SFHs) like in Pacifica it is def not a foregone conclusion that rent control will happen. And again, people need TO VOTE. Must we rehash November, 2016???


Correct, but what about cities where renters are 60%+? They are going to vote for rent control. They aren’t thinking about the long-term consequences of it. They only care about protecting themselves today.



Actually, to be fair, long term home owners benefitted from property taxes that are capped. One can argue that rent control works in a similar way. If you get rid of rent control, then property tax caps should also be adjusted accordingly.


For sure that is what the “other side” typically counters with. Again, I don’t have an issue if we integrated a means testing component to rent control. That is fair. A low income person pays accordingly, but a rich person also needs to pay accordingly too right? If you have a smattering of both, things should equal out some.


Prop. 13 voted by the majority, rent control too.
Democracy working, for now.

I used to go to rallies on immigration issues. Never saw that many Asians or any other nationality or any other races even though it would hurt them in the butt.

It is the nature of the beast, those who complain a lot, the less they go to marches or meetings. Guaranteed!


If you force the rich to pay higher rents, wouldn’t they just buy? They’d you’d be left with only lower income renters. If you want to go that route, then just do what the mayor of NYC wants. Have the government own all the buildings and allocate them out and determine the rents.


May have been true before, but not so sure anymore. Example? The recent weed store protest in the Sunset. Too many Asians came out and fought hard against it and were successful. Once you feel that you can make a difference I think people will show up to say their piece. No guarantees of course.


Don’t know. Some folks, especially rich ones, like the flexibility of just paying rent without the hassles. And if that makes buying an incentive, so be it, so that we in theory get another unit back on the rental market, right? The focus is all about increasing the rental market. Yes, more supply may mean lower pricing for someone like me but I am not expecting a huge decline in rent amount. I just want people to really look at the housing crisis and policies like rent control differently. Inject some fairness into the policies so that maybe owners who have kept units vacant all these years might be willing to put them into the rental market pool. If people see that there is no harm no foul participation should increase, no?


Well, times change. SF doesn’t have a good history on opioids, right?

I see the same problem with my people, they love cerveza for anything. You ask them to fight the liquor industry, they will laugh at you. Drunks everywhere in parties and happy birthdays BS.


Fantastic news! Go San Jose!


Thanks for showing up, guys/gals!!!


Great folks are against rent control!

This bill failed, but the journalist put the “No” picture as the second and put the “Yes” picture in the front. “No” picture should be the cover.