Reminder Folks: Vote Down Rent Control!


If your respective city has it on the ballot…

Just because our fearless leader @manch thinks it is inevitable for this garbage to sweep the land it doesn’t mean we have to bend over either so fast…

Vote NO!!!


But rent control makes income property less valuable, making it cheaper to buy!!!


Uh, both SF and NY have rent control…


Rent control will be passed wherever there are more than 50% renters. The way to abolish rent control is to build more affordable housing.


I know it is a losing battle but again not everyone votes. So, vote, if you can, against it!!!

More affordable housing is great as long as people buy/live in the housing and therefore have a vested interest in the community as owners. Unfortunately, we are a nation of renters for now…


Crazy times we in!!!


True but not possible in California where residents have voting rights. In Singapore, decision lies with the government who control over 85% of housing. First time buyers (young married couple) can buy very cheap subsidized housing, HDB. Price of HDB over household income is very low… after 5 years, the HDB is almost guaranteed to appreciate by 25% because you can sell them on open market… the HDB rule is you can’t sell the house within 5 years.


Right, but that subsidized housing does impact the rest of the real estate market correct? I mean, it was pretty darn expensive even for fairly simple 2 bd condos there for foreigners…


The past few years appreciation is mainly due to asset inflation because of US dollar, speculation by Chinese from China, and government push to increase population by a huge amount. HDB prices provide a bottom for private housing. This effect kicks in only during a recession, in a booming economy other factors as mentioned earlier is more influencing. In Singapore, home ownership is over 90%, many of us buy private housing for rentals (to foreigners) and stay in cheap subsidized HDBs. Government has begun to stop this trick because the other 10% miss the opportunity and the aspiring middle class (degree holders) are alarmed that the prices of private housing is appreciating very fast. The degree holders want to have the cake (stay in HDB) and eat the pie (rent out private housing) too, after 5 years in HDB, fast rising prices mean they are unlikely to eat it.


Ok, it wasn’t a complete loss…

With The Donald in, a controlling House and Senate and soon to be another conservative in the Supreme Court can we possibly have the holy grail, Rent Control, struck down??? Let’s dream, people!!!


It doesn’t have to be affordable housing. Just need to build more hosing.


Quoting me out of context? The comment is about building more affordable housing. Housing is controlled by government in Singapore and hence can build more affordable housing and not subject to resident voting.


Affordable housing is bullshit designed to get more democrats. …It does solve a thing…just rewards a select few…More housing is needed…Alll restrictions ahould be removed. .high limits raised density increased. .the market will solve the housing crisis…not Democrats giving away subsidies to union patrons and their core voters…

Looks like San Mateo, Burlingame and Alameda held off the liberal hordes…Be ware of the enemy at the gates


Well, The Donald is pro real estate and pro business. With both houses in his control, the idiots like our progressive Bored of Stupidvisors better run and hide!!! Rent control is #2 (dreaming) after Obamacare, baby!!!


Maybe Trump can put in 3 supreme court anti rent control judges in the next 8 years


Wow, a prediction already? god he is not even sworn in…


He is already guaranteed one…two or three others may not last 8 years


No, but you are already assuming The Donald wins a 2nd term… if this country is still standing hopefully…


Even Bush and Obama lasted 8 years with huge negatives. …Ginsburg seems awfully frail. …may not make 4 years…Even if Trump blows it Pence is even more conservative. …I doubt Kennedy, 80 , or Breyer, 78 will last another 8 years…


All I’m saying is that we are in uncharted waters with this one…

At least Reagan had some experience. This better not be another Arnold again… All I really care about is those nuclear weapon codes. We can’t have a oops, my bad…