Reminder That It Is Not All Peaches And Cream

SFGate reminder story that it is not all easy investing here in the Bay. There is def risk, and of the shaking kind.

Hey @manch, I can’t exactly tell from the map but it looks like your Golden Gate Heights is a relatively good spot. I guess the white is Twin Peaks or Noe Valley?

And yes, that 880 corridor is a concern but no risk no reward. But so is any area in the South Bay. But as the article indicated, this does not take into consideration any retro work done to live through the Big One. I was already hemorraghing too much money on my Sunset remodel but glad I did the foundation bolting and sheer walls at that time.

The USGS is useless…in fact geologists and soils scientists don’t very much…Structural engineers know more about the the structural integrity of your home…The stuff underground is just a mystery surrounded by an enigma…anybody who says they know whats going on down there is just guessing…Worried about quakes? talk to a structural engineer, not USGS

Well, at least you know the “baseline” and can then go do something about it right? When you are talking now a million dollars minimum investment in this whole darn area I myself like to have all data points to make a more sound decision. I don’t believe a drone bought at Fry’s can take these kind of pics…:wink:

Sorry its personal. …the media loves seismology. …it is about as legit as scientology. …nobody can predict quakes…all we can do is design the most earthquake resistant structures possible. …at least we do better than the engineers in Kansas…they can’t figure out how to design or build for tornados…Why are mobile homes even allowed there? They actually do well in quakes…especially if you leave the tires on.

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I take it you don’t have earthquake insurance on any of your properties since you replaced all the wood frames with reinforced steel???:wink:

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Wood frame performance in earthquakes is outstanding. .probably better than steel…


You sure about that? This is what I found randomly on the net:

In general, in spite of all the hoopla of steel versus wood, it is a fact that steel is stronger for earthquakes, hurricanes, high winds, big snows, etc. It is also environmentally safe, noncombustible, it won’t warp or rot, and not be eaten by termites.

You can find anything you want on the web…But after designing 1500 structures. …500 of which survived 1989 Loma Prieta without one complaint, I love wood frame…

Ok, I am impressed @Elt. :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

How about roofs? What type of roof material is better?


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