Reminder To Be Careful Owners & Agents

More details on this case…

This Palestinian landlord should have evicted the tenant with proper procedure. Instead she raised the rent. Her attorney should pay for the malpractice.

Agreed, she was stupid and deserves to get her hand slapped big time. And what was the point of asking such ridiculous amounts? Didn’t she think that under public scrutiny, she would be the one looking awfully bad?

It’s ok for her to be stupid. It’s a malpractice for her lawyer to be stupid.

Well, it sounds like she is not a first timer at doing this kind of stuff. Play with fire, get burned sooner or later. And let’s be honest, look at the property. I don’t care what our Fearless Leader says, this is not really a multi unit situation. It is a single family home with an inlaw. Yes, technically may be considered a multi but this is minimum what most houses are turning to. Inlaws are here to stay and will be added to SFHs. Let’s not kid ourselves about that too.

She inherited the property from her father and was in bitter inheritance fight with her siblings and children. Her siblings evicted her from her father’s another house.

This could be her first.

This is a gray area. If it was a true multi family, the tenant would not have left at all. What the landlord done was almost legal, but she might have messed up the permit etc. The tenant consulted with lawyer before moving and they thought everything is legal.

Never become a news person. We have numerous laws and everyone is guilty of something even when everyone thinks he or she is perfectly innocent.

Deregulate and free the people.

I don’t know about that… sounds like she was asleep on the day that her dad was going over how to “correctly” vacate a rental…:slight_smile:

she was feuding with her two sisters, three brothers, and some children, over family assets accrued by her father, a native Palestinian who moved to Chile and then San Francisco, building a small real estate empire in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. Lama at the time was being evicted from a home up the street by her own siblings, and was still awaiting a payment from the sale of two other properties their father had owned.

Anyway, you have a Muslim supervisor who is moderate.

I think Muslims would be reliable moderate or conservative in SF. Latinos are reliable progressive.

SF’s rent regulation must be the exact opposite of Muslim values.

I am curious about how the new makeup of the SF Board will actually vote when the time comes on housing legislation. It is def something I am keeping an eye on.

What’s scary is who is going to take Ed’s place down the road?

How about Gavin Newsom?

Again??? He’s got bigger fish to fry…

I just don’t want obviously someone like Peskin, an ultra Progressive in there. One hour in, we will all be ordering Mao jackets to wear…

That’s multi-fam in the eye of the law. I don’t make the rules, sir.

What’s worse than multi-fam? Illegal multi-fam.

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Agreed, but that is the trend that everyone is headed towards. You may say you won’t do one for yourself, but you may…

Wallet side, not security/safety side…


Yes @Terri, the role of a landlord, should you decide to take the mission, is a multi faceted one, one which requires you not only to keep something in your pants (not you) but requires you to keep up on the laws/regs of the jurisdiction in question and your phone to be on 24-7 365 just in case a lovely tenant needs anything. Well, are you ready? :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’m really not worried about keeping my lady bits in my pants. But it’s a good tale of caution regarding doing my own fixes when a male tenant is home alone… I’m sure this crap can go both ways.

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I hope you fry, buddy…