Remote Elderly Care with a Tablet

A great article from Wired:

It’s a good blend of humans and tech to provide remote monitoring of seniors living alone. By the way I really enjoy reading the long form articles of Wired. There are 3 or 4 towards the end of the magazine and most of them are great. Worth the price of a subscription for those 4 articles per month alone.


Thanks for posting this.

I check up on my senior tenants a couple of times a month. They are my favorite tenants. Fortunately they have friends that check on them too.


Google nest provides similar effects, two way discussion, change focus video cam (like zooming) and 24x7 monitoring and continuous recording videos for 10 days ($5/month) or 30 days ($10/month). Quality of Nest cam is too good with 1080p level.

I use it in my garage, as we are 30 miles away during work, we can see monitor any time. We used to talk to our kids while we were touring japan using smart phone when they leave or enter homes.

Monitoring is one aspect. I think the emotional connection is also key. Many seniors grew very attached to their virtual pet and that gives them great comfort.


Pets of any sort are a beneficial to many human’s wellbeing.