Renovations and property taxes

So, we’ve been in our house almost a year now (YAAAAAAAY!) and I’m starting to think about renovations.

A friend of ours was arguing that by obtaining permits, our property taxes on the whole house could be raised to “market”. I thought though, that renovations could only raise relative to the value of the renovations. We’re talking kitchen/bath and other than removing a fireplace no walls moving at all, no additions.

Also, any advice on removing a fireplace from the 1st floor of a 2 story? I’m under the impression that the first step is to go to the county and get the architectural drawings of the house.


The trend is towards no fireplace. If it is there, cost of doing anything about is unproductively high.

In general nobody report renovations.

Appraisals won’t go to the market value because of you renovate. When you get the permit, you need to tell estimate on how much going to cost, and I believe that’s the baseline they use to add. They might argue for higher if end up changing more. But in my experience, it is minimal that got added due to renovation. Some people pulled the permit, but they don’t finalize it. Most city don’t come after you for that. You can always play dumb as home owner saying I thought everything is done :slight_smile:

How old is the house? I think you need to remove the fireplace from top to bottom to avoid falling

Ok Thanks. That’s what I thought people had repeatedly said here in past years.

Interesting. I do value a fireplace, but this is actually a dining room fireplace, and we already have a living room one, and the fireplace is taking up valuable room that we could use for cabinets or people sitting. It is ungodly large. It is a right triangle 4ft x 4ft (6 ft on the long side) PLUS the 2’ x 6’ shelf. So it’s essentially taking up 20 sq ft of space out of a room that’s only 160 sq ft.

And the kitchen + Dining room isn’t big, so if we want to expand the kitchen (which is 10x10), we’re looking at losing some of the DR space… So while it would be expensive, we feel like it would be value added to get rid of it.

Take the chimney out starting from the roof down.

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