Rents are rising faster in Sacramento than any other part of California

:black_small_square: San Francisco: $2,941
:black_small_square: South Bay: $2,774
:black_small_square: Los Angeles metro: $2,302
:black_small_square: East Bay: $2,204
:black_small_square: Orange County: $1,992
:black_small_square: San Fernando Valley: $1,820
:black_small_square: San Diego: $1,810
:black_small_square: Central Coast: $1,712
:black_small_square: East Los Angeles: $1,683
:black_small_square: Inland Empire: $1,389
:black_small_square: Sacramento: $1,364
:black_small_square: Central Valley: $985

:black_small_square: Sacramento: 9.9 percent increase in rents between June 2016 and June 2017.
:black_small_square: Central Valley: 6.1 percent increase.
:black_small_square: San Fernando Valley: 5.6 percent.
:black_small_square: Inland Empire: 5.2 percent.
:black_small_square: East Los Angeles: 5 percent.
:black_small_square: San Diego: 4.7 percent.
:black_small_square: Los Angeles metro: 3.7 percent.
:black_small_square: Orange County: 3.6 percent.
:black_small_square: East Bay: 2 percent.
:black_small_square: South Bay: 1.6 percent
:black_small_square: San Francisco: .9 percent

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I call it the stone in the pond theory…A stone was dropped into the Silicon Valley pond a few years ago the ripple effect has reached all the way to Reno. .Now that core BA rents have flattened, Sacramento rents will flatten too. …maybe in a year or two…I am still raisingTahoe rents 5-6% per year…

These days ripple goes all the way to Seattle. Its house prices and rent is rising thu the roof. All the better for us Bay Areans. :sunglasses:

A extraordinarily low supply of homes for sale pushed prices higher for the fourth straight month this spring and summer across the Sacramento region.

In June, the median home price of $335,000 in Sacramento County was the highest in ten years, real estate tracking firm CoreLogic reported Wednesday.

Total sales in the four-county region fell by 3.6 percent compared with June 2016, the firm reported. CoreLogic analyst Andrew LePage said the drop in sales was likely linked to the scant supply.

In Tahoe, El Dorado county, low end prices are rising, high end prices have flattened. .

Interesting, rent only, not for sale…

Better not be late with your rent payment!!!

Don’t blame ruthless landlords…Blame environmental Nazis and nimbyies…Build baby build.

Thanks to tenant favored laws you have to use the notice to quit liberally…You can file even if rent is one day late…Dont have to wait till end of 5 day penalty period

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