Replacing bannisters in living room - permit or no

We just bought a house in San Francisco that has very unattractive bannisters that separate two levels of a split-level living room, with a couple of stairs between the levels in the middle.

Would y’all typically be inclined to get permits for the work of replacing the stairs and bannisters with something more modern?

We are planning further renovations in that area that will need permits.

Any advice most appreciated!

I didn’t when I did it. It’s a pretty simple process.

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I’m starting to believe that nothing is simple when it comes to renovations in San Francisco!

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The only concern I might have is that when your inspector comes to look at the stuff that you are getting permits for, will they easily see that the stairs and bannisters were replaced (too modern or new looking to be original built) recently? I would hate for an overzealous inspector stop your remodeling in your tracks for something minor that could have been just included in the overall permit application.

Yes, if you weren’t doing anything else, probably ok to do wo permits, but you are though…

Throwing in the stairs/bannisters shouldn’t cause your property assessment to be that much more. Of course, I would argue the whole job is less than the actual amount if I can on the permit app…

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It’s a good idea to get permits when you’re replacing your stairs and bannisters with a more modern design. It might seem like extra paperwork, but it ensures your project complies with local regulations and building codes. Plus, when you have future renovations in the same area, having permits in place can make the process smoother and more reassuring for you and potential buyers down the road. So, it’s generally best to go ahead and secure those permits for your peace of mind.

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Wow. I’d never have even conceived of getting permits to change out a bannister

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