Republicans and vetting, a disaster in the making


We will be good at vetting those terrorist refugees said the dumb and ignorant guy leading the white house.

We’ll be good at vetting refugees said the liar in the white house, he forgot to vet his deplorable wife abusers like him and his Russian and Turkish spies Manafort and Flynn, who eventually are going to pay for their treasonous work.

I just don’t want to touch the illegal lady working nude as a model Melania.

If I eve had the chance to hire a company, believe me, the GOP would not be accepted as a reference, none the less as a candidate for an interview. Specially their manager, who seems to be having an establishment where the revolting door is working 24/7 with the departure in a weekly basis of undesirable (while they are not checked by the press) monsters from the swamp.

It also shows us of the stupidity of those supporting this administration, specially women. That white house is a soap opera, a cheap soap opera with the Twitting, the hearsay, the fighting among deplorables, the lack of restraint and the lack of knowledge of who has this and that information. We are going to be caught with our pants down in case of a war! The lunatic people are running the white house!


Another deplorable. Porter, Flynn, Manafort, the orange monster in the white house paid for by the Russians, and on, and on, and on.

Funny! Aren’t republicans against marijuana? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: