Rich Absentee Landlords Make a Killing from California’s Prop 13

What do they think will happen to apartment buildings if property taxes sky rocket? Either rents will have to increase or landlords will convert to condos and sell. Landlords aren’t going to keep buildings where they lose a ton of money every month due to high property taxes. What will renters do then? Most of them won’t be able to buy, so they’ll be forced out.


There will be a proposition in 2020 to eliminate Prop 13 for commercial RE. It is so poorly written but this article says actually excludes apartments.

Political junk piece trying to repeal prop 13.

I think we should increase sales tax on cars and keep prop 13. Housing is more impartant than driving a environmentally detrimental car.

I would propose eliminate property taxes on residential properties and use car sales tax to replace the lost revenue.

This will force a social change to dense housing, more walking or public transit, less pollution, a value of housing over car driving, less stress, better human communication, less depression, less divorce, more parent-child bonding, lower healthcare spending.

Too much driving is one important reason for the high healthcare cost in USA.

We can charge a 200% sales tax on cars costing more than $100k. Also tariff should be distributed as school funding instead of general fund.

You probably didnt read all of it
It was talkinf about inherited prop13 properties.

How is rest of the us doing without prop 13 :slight_smile:

I am not sure how you keep coming up with different schemes.

Anything but prop 13 and 58.

I am fairly sure property tax elimination wont change drnsity in south bay, either.

CMost states limit property tax increases. Some also have special discounts for primary homes. Prop 13 isn’t some special California thing. Cities are still getting 5%+ annual revenue increases. Pretending it’s a revenue problem is ignoring irresponsible spending.

You can find examples like Seattle’s bike lanes everywhere. SF passed money to renovate all libraries. They spent it all renovating less than half of them. Voters approved more money, so the lack of accountability will continue.

SF can’t even tell you where and how it spends the hundreds of millions on homelessness.

Elimination of property tax will make rent and homeownership more affordable. Charge more tax on cars will create more demand for close in housing and this demand will push cities to allow more density.

Once property tax is eliminated, no need for Prop 13 and no need for inheritance of tax basis.

Economic factors will push voters and citizens to demand YIMBY policy. Politicians are working for voters. If the politicians are blocking new home construction, voters will get them out of office and YIMBYs will be voted mayors and council-members.

Car for homes, who will object to it?

Anybody who does not want to live in a city…Frankly city living has homeless people, crime, noise, congestion, angry crowds, demonstrations…Not appealing to many of us especially the retired…


It’s become less appealing to me. That’s why I didn’t buy Seattle.

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