Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street


Couple Buys Private Street In Ritzy SF Neighborhood For Only $90,000
Um, We Own Your Street

Great move! But they are up against some entitled old money there. They may need to lawyer up.


This couple thought they got a good deal. They ain’t seen what SF is yet.


Come on @maluka, I posted this eon hours ago!!!:grinning:


Diane Feistein, Nancy pelosi were members of the HOA. This couples may need to go to the Supreme
Court or White House to protect their property rights.

It would intersting to see how Feinstein and Pelosi will help their friends over this small matter


These rich SF residents can’t afford to pay a few million dollars to get back their street? Pay up!
This incident also highlight a problem with HOA.


Rich people are the most strict regarding money. They will fight to the end to get back the last penny which they believe is rightfully theirs. I wouldn’t count on them paying up easily without a fight.


Cool thread between a couple of self proclaimed lawyers on this thread:

my takeaway (from the thread) is that the buyers may not be able to do anything and the reason they have come public is try to get a settlement out of the homeowners.


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Remember that alleyway stretch of land I posted awhile ago that was for about this price too? You laughed…


Um, I would not have purchased that if I were them. I don’t like legal headaches…


Agreed…but nothing illegal about what they did right? Heck, maybe they make a few dollars. It is America after all…


Yes they make money for sure.

But it’s like I don’t go to auctions anymore to try to buy foreclosed homes and evict homeowners. Not worth the legal headache just to make a quick buck!


You know what I would do to up the ante??? I would set up, oh, TEN mah jong games right there in the street. Hire a bunch of chinese senior citizens at a decent $20/hr (yes, I will be issuing W2’s or 1099s…) and let them have at it. Bingo, price just jumped up…


Hehehe… yes you go Mr Mah Jong!!!


And I would be considerate, I would put in solar powered mah jong tables that would be pretty quiet in operating and setting up the tiles. Don’t want to wake the folks at 2am…

Oh, don’t mind the stinky tofu and durian pastries too…

Wow, cha-ching!!!


Wow…an unpaid $14 per year tax bill…

Dr. Dao would be impressed!!!