Right Quote for Gas line extension for gas range/oven?

Roy - I have been thinking of a similar project. You have already shared a lot of details that’ll help others looking to do something similar. Any other points that you think were important for this project? Did you end up just using the other 110V point by your refrigerator?

I’m thinking of converting my dedicated 220V to 110V. Need to talk to a electrician to get his/her opinion.

It’s going to be slightly tricky to get the timing right, because I don’t want the conversion to happen too early, otherwise we will not be able to cook on the existing smoothtop range at home till the gas range is delivered & installed.


Since you’re done with your lil project, what kind of tv were you looking at? My 60" Sony won’t die but I would like to move up to at least 75" and if pricing is “ok” maybe 85" before the Warriors fire up their season again. Sharp used to make a 90" that would have worked for me but it is slightly dated tech now (non 4k, hdr, etc). I hear the Vizio P Series 75" is a great deal for what you get. While I get why they are doing it, it doesn’t make sense to me that the pricing should jump up exponentially just to go from say 75" to 85". Yes, the cost to manufacture that bigger screen is higher but X times higher? No!

Haven’t given TV research too much thought yet, however preliminarily I’m looking at the Vizios in Costco - M series. Relatively inexpensive as compared to other brands, however 2017 pic quality might not be as good as last years(Consumer reports & CNET feedback).

Also tunerless so might need to buy external tuner for people who need OTA transmissions.

Right, the M series would be preferred for the additional 5 inches (that’s what she said…) but the specs on it is not as good as the P series. Why would a manufacturer do that??? Give me the freaking big one with all the bells and whistles and if you price it accordingly, bingo, you got a buyer!!! Sheesh, is it that hard Vizio???

I got the 84" LeEco TV last year at the TG sale. Finally shipped and received in Feb. Great value for money. Software is still buggy. I reboot the TV on average once a week (get weird failures with the Netflix App), they haven’t quite fixed native 4K DTS content from outside the box (doesn’t play well with Roku). but all in all, one of my better purchases.

Aaah, yes!!! I was thinking about doing the same at that time when they had the special Xmas pricing I think? Are you a poster on AVSforum? I had followed that thread when this company first came out with that tv and all that transpired to this day. I would consider the newest one, I believe the Umax 85Q with the quantum dot technology but I am so leery about buying technology from China. Not China, but for example, I am so pissed at Osim, the big massage chair manufacturer. Their customer service is by far the worst I have ever seen. At least when I had my Mercedes convertible, one can get parts and servicing. I bought my wifey a massage chair for Christmas awhile ago and the darn thing breaks. Ok, I get it, these things have moving parts and it was post warranty period. Turns out, everyone has problems with chairs from this maker and they simply suck big time!!! They simply do not make the parts anymore and/or just don’t have a service arm that can help their customers. Come on, these things are not cheap!!! What are people supposed to do with a few thousand dollar broken massage chair??? Folks, do not buy Osim, or you will be sorry!!!

Do you have an iPhone?

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I actually do, but only because wifey made me buy one (with hers). No, I get it, that most things are from China but that tv that @BA_lurker is referring to is a good example. It supposedly has a great picture for the price but there are bugs and issues with it. Come on, how does one fix an 80"+ tv??? A phone, I can easily go to the nearest dealer and bitch and moan there. Again, same with that massage chair. Soooo pissed every time I see that POS. My thing is, I don’t mind spending good money on some expensive stuff but I expect it to either last or be serviceable. Not asking for much…

That’s not my point. Chinese factories manufacture to specs. Apple have strict product specification and they station their QC engineers in Chinese factories. Apple’s partner, Foxconn, also pride itself of tight security and ability to build to high standard specification. For robust product, QC is the key.

Having said that, household products that I won’t doubt their quality is those from Germany and Japan, those two nations we know in WW.

I usually keep a very low social media profile as I dont want there to be any (potential or un-intended conflicts) with work. This is the only forum I post on :slight_smile:

I was skeptical on the LeEco TV, but it was the only way wifey was willing to agree on me getting that large a screen. She is not a big believer in spending more then $500 on a TV. She also correctly predicted it wont show up for months (since she was familiar with the flash sale concepts the Chinese e-tailers use)

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Today $500, 10 years later also $500 for a much improved model?

yep :frowning:

Well, still better than those who expect a declining price :grin: What is her view about Apple? Apple actually increase prices for iPhone, iPad and Mac :grin: The only company I know that increase prices without affecting sale much.

Guess you don’t like to buy earlier model. I use to think likewise since they are usually buggy and expensive. Change my mind a little, is ok to buy them if you think those technologies benefit future generations and improve quality of life a lot, these guys need money for R&D. I support my sons to buy those products… can’t remember the name… still in R&D but promising, not because I am certain they will deliver as plan but just want to support these type of R&D effort.

Ok, I am confused. I was with you but I got lost on Aisle 8…

That LeEco tv while a great deal does have many issues that are well chronicled. So, what are you saying?

We have 2 opposite philosophies on it. She is Android because lower cost, greater flexibility, greater choice. She is very anti-apple as she thinks it’s a closed ecosystem and expensive. I am almost completely in the apple ecosystem as I just want stuff that works (on the road too much to be fidgeting with crap, did enough of that when i was younger).

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You don’t want to see an 80" tv on top of my CRX being hauled to some repair center…

Same camp. I would rather spend my time reading articles that enrich my mind, understand the world and make more money, than messing with software to get them working. I do like to dirty my hand to repair stuffs at home :slight_smile:

FYI, I also added a water line to my refrigerator(located next to my Oven) for an additional $150.

As far as TVs - right now the best Picture quality are with OLEDs and they are too expensive currently. I have a 50" plasma but plasmas are no longer manufactured, hindsight says “should have bought the 65 plasma” last time", but skipped it because 65" was 2.17x the 50" price.