Rise of Evergreen

This is my old hood in San Jose. Now even dinky tiny house is going for 840K…


Back in 2010 houses like this sold for a bit more than 400, maybe 450K. Evergreen is catching fast this year, not unlike how Daly City is suddenly becoming hot in 2016. The rest of the Valley has risen so high so fast people are going farther and farther to find affordable homes.

Aren’t the schools good there? That’s a huge draw, and people will commute further to afford good schools.

Primary and middle schools are pretty good there, although not as good as the southern half of Evergreen on the other side of Aborn. HS is OK to mediocre. With the influx of high tech family I’d bet HS will improve slowly over time. So if you are thinking of starting a family Evergreen would be good value for money.

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