Rockridge Teardown - 495k

Is it really Rockridge? It’s on the wrong side of 24.

This one-bedroom, two-bath 1905 home at 383 60th Street midway between Rockridge and Fairview Park

Close enough…you know, like Sunset is lower Sea Cliff…

Oh, darn it. Fine print!

What does it really mean “tear down”? If the house can be saved by remodel, it’s worth it. If you need to really domolate and rebuild, may be too much risk

The lot is fairly large apparently so once you redo it however way, the new place should be quite pricey. Sometimes, you gotta just start from scratch…

Dang, Rockridge neighborhood is killing it!!!

The Rockridge real estate market is sizzling hot.
**Over the past year, the Oakland neighborhood, with its own BART station and a commercial district of trendy restaurants, has seen a 69 percent year-over-year rise in the median sales price, according to Trulia. **
The median sales price was $755,000 in March 2016, and it’s now a staggering $1,337,500.

Wow…$260k over asking

And 19 offers at that…

Damn. This one is not even in Rockridge…