S.F. home sales hit 5-year low, and prices are falling


The sale of single-family homes in San Francisco fell to a five-year low in February, down 4 percent from just the month prior, new data from the Multiple Listing Service for sales in the city shows.

Socketsite reports that the latest sales figures for San Francisco shows only 308 single-family homes and condos were sold in February, a number that is 27 percent lower than sales in the city last February.

Sales figures for February also showed that the median price paid for homes sold in February was 13.8 percent lower than the record high recorded for the city in April of last year, resting now at $1,120,000, as opposed to the $1.3 million it brought in then.

“Overall, Bay Area home sales dropped 3.3 percent on a year-over-year basis to 4,767 – the lowest February tally in nine years – with a median price of $649,000, which is 4.6 percent higher versus the same time last year,” Socketsite reports.

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When inventory is low sales are low…When inventory spikes the I would be worried


I hate median sales price as an indicator. $/sq ft is better. If you want to get really accurate, then you should benchmark whatever your property of interest is going for in the area you care about.


That’s what I do.


$/sq.ft. is better but it is also inaccurate. it is higher for smaller homes than for bigger homes.

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Low inventories and multiple offers in Tahoe…Primarily for market rate and under $435k homes…The high end takes months to sell…Sellers routinely ask over market rate…low motivation. Just tried on offer on an expired prooerty…Been on the market for 6 months…20% over market price… .2 family owners. .don’t know if they want to sell or not…Very common in Tahoe…So they over price, hoping for a foolish impluse buyer…

Old thread…predictions of prices falling premature as usall


It proves that you can’t take any news or opinion given in the media or on this forum seriously.

Take us seriously. But think independently. :smile:

Don’t forget you’re part of the forum :rofl:

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Um… no one should ever take what I say on this forum seriously…

People have limited time to think. Information overloading is an evil way to control the population.

We need to fight against misinformation pollution. Information pollution is the worst garbage in the world now.

Communication technology has advanced so much that we are able to access many news, being bombarded with many news, able to communicate with each other often and a lot. The only way to navigate information overload is critical thinking! Improve our critical thinking.


Yeah, people are tired of mass media. Social media with a lot of personal interactions can force poeple to think more instead of passively absorbing TV content