Maybe Cuban is shorting Tesla. :thinking:


Not surprised… that’s what idiots do :rofl:


Is he hedging or net short? Can’t understanding why he would be net shorting AMZN since it hasn’t technically damaged yet. However, hedge by shorting a certain % is cautious approach.


He’s not shorting amzn. He’s long amzn, NFLX plus 4 other “dividend” stocks. He’s short 2 names he’s not telling what.


A billionaire is not more stupid than sub-billionaires in your theory


He made his billions. He’s more about capital preservation.

He’d make an interesting presidential candidate. I’m guessing he’d run as a democrat. That’d be a better idea for them than having Warren, Biden, or whoever else they are considering.


Why would a billionare take a pay cut and a ton of nasty shit to become President…Pretty much proves that Trump is an idiot…Or maybe not a billionaire, and maybe he didn’t think he could win…He was hoping to get rich running…He might lose everything…A lot of risk for low return…


He’s hungry for power and fame. Some rich people are not satisfied with being just rich; they also need power and recognition (good or bad).


I like Cuban. He’s a charming fellow and as a self made billionaire clearly has good business skills.


His show is terrible. His billionaire status was purely a dot com luck. His only achievement is not lose his billion dollar over the last 20 years


Still better than trump’s show. :smile:


Not sure whose show is worse, but Cuban has very bad ratings


Which show are you talking about? I love Shark Tank. He’s not my favorite shark though. Mr. Wonderful for president :us: - oh wait never mind he’s Canadian.


I heard an interesting theory last week. Not fully convinced but here it is. It says that with all of these tariffs Trump is making other countries devalue (e.g. China) or destroy (e.g. Turkey) their currencies. That obviously made the dollar very strong which in turn makes it very difficult for the Fed to hike interest rates (which will push the dollar higher). Also, because of this devaluation of foreign currencies, inflation in the US will stay lower for some more time, again making the Fed hikes unnecessary. Exports will suffer but companies are floating in cash so they may find ways to get around it. Trump will play this game until his reelection. There may even be interest rate cuts starting mid next year citing a slowing economy.


Plausible. Any way to buy into his game? Shorting currencies/foreign markets is an option, but what else?


Never believe in any such conspiracy theories. USD being strong is largely driven by the Fed. Higher interests rate in the US means more money will come onshore which means stronger USD.

Stronger USD will hurt earnings. The foreign currencies Apple makes need to be exchanged back to USD when they report earnings. Stronger USD makes those profits look smaller. That’s the “currency headwind” they talk about in earnings calls.


It’s not just that, though. Exports will suffer (like iphone) because the demand is elastic - not inelastic. IT will also drop. People would buy less of the products so sales will drop. Same will probably go for cloud services, steraming and so on, but i assume in non-us, these costs are less because emerging markets don’t really have such need for such infrastructure.


Interest rate hike could be slower than expected. Housing market is already showing that rate increase is too fast


I think there will be more rate hikes because of the tax cuts. If Trump does infrastructure stimulus (where the heck did it go?) there will be even more hikes. We are already at or close to the max sustainable rate economy can grow. Any more stimulus will overheat the economy and push up inflation. Maybe if every company just uses the money to buy back shares and give out dividend then not much stimulus will flow into the economy. But then our deficit is getting 20% larger this year compared to last year and that too will push up interests rate.

It’s either a single whammy or double whammy.


Companies like Apple should know to hedge their foreign currency risks by now.