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Which candidate must be proven to court ! :rofl:


Clearly hillarious.


Trump might get impeached


Start the impeachment today. Where’s the Tom billionaire? The real opportunity is here


He won’t get impeached as long as republicans control either house or senate. They have sadly shown that they put party before country


You are becoming like Feinstein, watch for your popularity :joy:


Morning strong, now very weak.


New highs for many stocks, good breath, bubbly bull market seem intact😀


Why the sarcasm? Don’t you want your Apple to achieve ever higher highs?


Overthinking :face_with_head_bandage:


The proven 3 times wife cheater, the vulgar president telling a black athlete “get that son of a bit** out of here!”, the one mocking Asians with “me want a deal”, the vulgar guy calling women dogs.

Lack of moral values is killing this country. All for money. So sad.


Summer’s over. Now investors have to get ready for a rough fall

Many believes Sep/ Oct is usually bearish so they target these months to accumulate stocks to benefit from the Santa Claus rally which usually starts from mid Nov. So get your money ready to BTFD.



You may want to buy some dividend paying stocks like JNJ to balance your over aggressive growth stock portfolio :slight_smile: Frankly, I prefer AAPL :slight_smile: 10-15% pay increment annually and backstop by WB and TC.


AAPL hardly decline.


I think I’ve found my fav dividend stock: TSMC. 3.05% dividend yield and has a near monopoly on advanced semiconductor manufacturing. A great blend of growth and income. It actually went up this morning.


How to buy TSMC? Not listed in USA.


Symbol is TSM.


Good chart! About to do a bullish crossover.


I need to buy more. Only have a tiny amount.