Sac and Stockton Top Rent Growth List

The whole report here: 2016 Year End Report - Renters in Mid and Small-Sized Cities Felt the Pain Last Year - RentCafe rental blog

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Arizona rent growth is fast. Go and buy Arizona!

@Elt1 is already busy buying there…

There is not much worth buying here in SFBA now. Go find a better buy in other places.

Elt1 is smart to buy in AZ and Tahoe. I may just take a break from re investment. Buy lower priced properties with financing is a hassle. If you have cash, go buy AZ, NV, even Portland.

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Detroit is on the list and you can still buy houses for $10k. You could sell one SF SFH and buy a whole neighborhood of Detroit homes.

that’s the problem…you would then be on the hook to provide security and policing detail to keep that neighborhood of yours safe…:slight_smile:

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I was originally going to ask how much it’s be to fence the neighborhood and make it a a gated community. Once the gated community is safer create a HOA to cover security costs and sell the homes at a profit. I realized the cost of making it gated would be more expensive than the actual homes.

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Stockton, a tale of two cities…

@Terri…St Louis is number4…Stockton number 13…Stockton is better than St Louis…Merced made the list but not Fresno??..My dads home town of Springfield Massachusetts is number 20…All his family moved out decades ago…