Sacramento, In Da House!

Well, it was about time right?

One of mine in the area is on fire, the other is lagging. Anyway price is still long way from the 2005 peak, much less after you factor in inflation for the last 10+ years.

Check the comments to the article.

Sacramento salaries are much, much less. I’d earn about half of my current total compensation package up there for the same position. Ask me how I know.

Not every position is like that. I remember posting some salary comparison and some are pretty close. If you are a dentist for example I don’t think there is much difference. How about police and teachers? I don’t think the delta is 50%.

If your salary would be half if you moved to Sac, that means you are overpaid here. :slight_smile:

I said “total compensation” not salary. At our age manch, benefits count for something pretty dramatic. For instance, my current employer is picking up 100% of the Kaiser gold medical coverage for my wife and I. That’s $1,900 and some change per month! My contribution to retirement is only 4% right now, due to my RE/Mortgage interest taking more of my income. But, my employer matches that with a 13% of my salary contribution match!

There is no doubt I’m overpaid. But, it isn’t my fault. :grinning:

you MUST work for Kaiser

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I bet dentists in Sac make half of the BA ones…My dentist buddy in Stockton charges $700 for a crown… $1400 in San Carlos…I stopped wanting to pay for my San Carlos dentists kids college fund…Get my dental work done in Puerto Vallarta. .A crown costs $250…

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Front line docs typically get paid more in the sticks, because none of them want to live there. Places like SF have much more competition so they don’t pay much if anything more.

I wonder how much variation we have even in BA cities. Same fruit cost $2 / lb in Sunnyvale farmers market but it costs $3 / lb in Palo Alto. And $1.5 / lb in Union City.

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Some things never change: SF Chinatown groceries are the cheapest and the best!!!

The pay difference is pretty negligible when you factor in housing costs.

Dentists charge double in prime BA vs Sac…

I bet their rent is at least double too. Plus, they probably have to pay their help more too. Their net might not be that much higher.

Maybe for procedures but for check ups they get the insurance reimbursement rate. That’s still good money, maybe $100 for 5 min exam. If they have to drill they charge more but overhead is higher in BA. So net they don’t make much more unless they are specialist

To me this is a no brainer; if houses are very affordable why put money into landlords’ pockets?

Yes, but Sacramento houses have been affordable for awhile now. What took so long?

Because those same people thought about moving back to the bay but realized they could no longer afford the bay so they settled for Sacramento (aka finally bought).

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I own rentals in Sac, so does @elt1. Who else?