Sacramento Was the Most Popular Migration Destination in July

Of all users, 27.8% looked to move to another metro area in July 2020, up from 27.4% in the second quarter and 25.2% in July 2019.

The work-from-home culture stemming from the coronavirus pandemic is exacerbating the trend of migration away from expensive coastal cities to more affordable inland areas that has been going on for at least five years.

“People who can work remotely are re-examining where they want to live, and for most of them that means they’re looking at places that are less expensive,” said Veronica Clyatt, a Redfin agent in Pleasanton, CA, located about 40 miles east of San Francisco. “I’ve had buyers drop out of their search in the Bay Area because they’re moving to Sacramento or Texas, and I’ve had people moving over to Pleasanton because it’s less expensive than San Francisco. Everyone wants a bigger house and a bigger yard, and they want to pay less. A lot of people moving away from the Bay Area have had it in the pipeline for awhile, and remote work is accelerating the process.”

This sounds logical. People, especially families looking to buy a house, don’t suddenly decide to move out of state. They have thought about it for a while, and Covid accelerated their decision.

So does it mean after we shake out all the weak hands, out-migration will slow in the years to come?

:+1:t2: If not Texas, where :slight_smile:

I am counting on the ex-SFers to turn Texas blue.

They are coming to get you!


Texas is doomed. Sacramento is much more livable especially since the MSA extends to Nevada.

I don’t get the appeal of Sacramento…it’s like a huge suburb int he middle of nowhere…at that point why not move to Texas? You’re not even close to the bay area at that point / only benefit is 2 hours from Tahoe/Yosemite?


Sacramento is the big vibrant Capitol city of the biggest state in the country. Great boating and nightlife. Great for walking at night can dine outside 8 months a year. unlike SF. Hip safe downtown on the river. Trees everywhere
Closer to beaches and skiing than Austin with none of that horrible humidity.
BA people retire to Sacramento suburbs and exburbs. A huge source of potential growth
Plus Sacramento is at the heart of the greatest agricultural bounty in the world

I mean Sacramento weather is better than Austin.

Outside of taxes, how is Texas better than Sacramento?

Many people leaves California because of politics. If they are ok with the current politics, then Sacramento (and some East/North Bay towns) to escape staying in a shack, can still drive to office occasionally.

Btw, didn’t being to Sacramento so no comment on which has better weather.

Sacramento has ground fog in the winter. Cold nasty ground fog. My farm at 1200’ elevation doesn’t have that fog and is 10 degrees cooler in summer

I think Sac is a good middle ground for people looking for lower cost of living. It’s still within driving distance of Bay Area. They don’t need to sever ties with families and friends in the Bay. Can still visit them in the weekends maybe. If it doesn’t work out it feels like they can still move back.

Versus Texas that’s far away both physically and psychologically.

Personally I’d much rather move to SoCal near the beaches. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, even better food than the Bay.

i have been looking at airquality. Sacramento always has worst than bayarea.
if cost saving better buy San Leandro-Hayward. and study in private school
exodus will impact all california

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My friend is escaping the crappy air in SF today to come to Cameron Park


Is that what some bloggers say Sacramento is more livable than Austin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Opinion that doesn’t back up by facts.

Sacramento 128

Cedar Park 34

which is better than San Francisco 67

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3k feet with a pool. Only 780K in Roseville.