San Francisco Accused of Giving 'Tech Buses' Free Ride

Supervisor Jane Kim said she wants to see more transparency at SFMTA when it comes to calculating fees.

“I have been asking the last three years for SFMTA to justify how they come up with cost recovery. I am often asked why a shuttle bus can use a public bus stop and pay $7 a stop and why a mother dropping off her kids to school gets a $100-plus ticket when using the same bus stop,” Kim told NBC Bay Area.

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pick up 30 feet further than the stop, problem solved.

Send in the homeless to shit all over the bus stops. That’d teach ‘em a lesson!

Maybe the tech companies should do a study on how much pollution is saved by the buses vs. employees driving cars. Also, what would be the wear and traffic on streets if everyone drove cars vs. buses? Leave it up to SF to want to ruin a good thing. It’s almost like they sit around looking for anything positive then tax it so it’s not possible to do anymore.

People have already done those studies. On Genetech’s buses they even painted those numbers on the buses themselves, reminding everyone how many cars they take off the roads with those giant buses.

Many of SF people’s ideas of “fairness” is taxing the rich. Techies seem to do well so let’s fleece them more. On the other hand if you are pennyless like the homeless you can do whatever you want and the police wouldn’t care.


Send the homeless to shit in front of Kim’s house


How rude!!! :scream:

How inappropriate! :scream:

A city that spends it’s time coddling the homeless and harassing taxpayers like Google workers and scooter companies deserves a much shit that is shoveled on them


Again… :scream: