San Francisco City is getting Presidio Terrace back

Here is a Google view of the neighborhood

Obviously this speculative couple should have bought bitcoins instead…lol
Let’s be real they gambled on getting 10x and lost
Probably could have doubled their money but got greedy

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"On December 12, 2017, the Board of Supervisors finalized their conditional decision. However, the street fight is not over. Overruling clear state law is not right. It’s an unfair violation that threatens all our rights as law-abiding citizens when the wealthy and well-connected can knowingly break the law for decades and still get off scot-free. "

So they ask for donations so that their investment is… sound?

Have you contributed?

Dude, I just bought a +million dollar home…

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I also got the final balance owed from my contractor. Dang, labor charges are up for good work…

Did not know Cheng is pretty active on Quora. Looks like he doesn’t have many kind words for San Francisco:

Has San Francisco replaced San Jose as the “capital of Silicon Valley?”

Michael Cheng

Michael Cheng, lives in San Jose, CA

Answered Sun

No, not even close.

San Francisco has never been and never will be part of Silicon Valley. San Francisco is a distant satellite city about 50 miles away from Silicon Valley at the far tip of a peninsula.

The Valley in Silicon Valley is Santa Clara Valley, of which San Jose is at the heart and center. The biggest tech companies in the world are still headquartered in Santa Clara County.

While San Francisco is a nice incubator for tech startups and has some mid-sized tech firms, it’s not an appealing place for major tech firms to operate. The city is simply too insular when it comes to tech businesses, run by a Board of Supervisors that’s been corrupted by the pecuniary interests of their richest friends. Despite the treacly dross they spew about the honor of serving the city, the truth of their callous betrayals against the people fill endless headlines impossible to ignore.

Indeed, even though San Jose is a sprawling bedroom community for the rest of Silicon Valley, major tech companies like Apple and Google are planning their latest campuses near downtown San Jose to find good company amongst thousands of fellow tech firms.

So, you can rest easy knowing that San Jose remains the capital of Silicon Valley and will continue to carry the tech mantle for the world for years to come.

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Restarting the 7x7 vs SJ debate?

Sadly we don’t have anyone rooting for 7x7 anymore.

With SFDRAGONBOY gone (last post was 1/26) there is no one that thinks San Francisco is perfect anymore.

I think you should, given your heavy investment into Bayview.

Good, life ain’t fairy tale.