San Francisco City is getting Presidio Terrace back



Here is a Google view of the neighborhood


Obviously this speculative couple should have bought bitcoins instead…lol
Let’s be real they gambled on getting 10x and lost
Probably could have doubled their money but got greedy


Come on, you cheap b*stards!!! Contribute!!!:grinning:


"On December 12, 2017, the Board of Supervisors finalized their conditional decision. However, the street fight is not over. Overruling clear state law is not right. It’s an unfair violation that threatens all our rights as law-abiding citizens when the wealthy and well-connected can knowingly break the law for decades and still get off scot-free. "

So they ask for donations so that their investment is… sound?


Have you contributed?


Dude, I just bought a +million dollar home…


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I also got the final balance owed from my contractor. Dang, labor charges are up for good work…