San Francisco considers basing fees and fines on income level

I think this has a good chance of spreading throughout Bay Area:

The City of San Francisco is considering a sweeping new plan that would base fines and fees on a resident’s ability to pay, following the recommendations of a task force that examined inequitable application of city fines for minor citations.

“San Francisco should not be in the business of impoverishing poor and working-class families,” Supervisor Jane Kim said at a news conference outside of City Hall on Wednesday. “We are impoverishing poor and working-class families because they made a mistake.”

Here’s a picture of Kim for you fans out there. :smile:

Stupid Jane and stupid KIM, and a stupid Jane Kim.

How much is Jane Kim’s income level when the judge needs to give her a fine or when the city needs to charge her a fee? Do we get her income from IRS, paycheck or her family or household member or her enemy/friend?

The cost and time to assert everyone’s income could cost more than the fine or the fee

Stupid Jane KIM is impoverishing the public and impoverishing the taxpayers by her stupid proposal

Instead of simplifying, Neoliberals are making things complicated. The first thing I noted when I landed on the west coast is everything here is splitting hairs:

a. So many types of footwear. Instead of just shoes, you have sneakers, running shoes, tracking shoes, etc.
b. Instead of coffee, you have all kind of flavors, sugar no sugar, how many,…
c. So many types of jackets: overcoat, coat, jacket, sweaters, hoodies, for Summer/Winter, for ski-ing, etc

So damn stress ordering food and beverages, and buying clothes.

Ok, then on the other side, rents should depend on income level as well right Jane??? So we shouldn’t have rich people hogging up rent controlled apartments at some ridiculous low 1950’s rent rate. Fair is fair…


Exactly, carrying the concept of fairness and equity too far. There are many ways to interpret fairness and equity too.
Why is it fair that the same offense has differing fines?
IMHO, price mechanism is the most fair though not ideal.

Jane Kim is the worst disaster in SF. SF voters should hand her a losing ticket to the historic dumpster.

She harvested a lot of Asian votes by faking stupid policies

I think the whole state of CA is considering something similar for fines.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"
hmm…now where did I hear about this concept before :smirk:

Who are governing CA? Are they related to… can’t say who, you know who… Not only policies are not fair but is biased towards… Luckily I have some houses in the Capital of the Republican state of Texas.

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We are coming there to get you! Seriously big cities in Texas are already blue and the suburbs purple. Unless you are moving to some redneck farm countries there is no escaping us.


Is Austin addicting? At least 2 guys here are addicted to Austin houses

A few Austin suburbs are as hot as SV i.e. pending within 2 weeks. For example, Cedar park:

2105 Howell Mountain Dr went pending after 1 day.

1811 Sand Creek Rd went pending after 3 days.

2109 Golden Arrow Avenue went pending after 5 days.

1905 Sand Creek Rd went pending after 9 days.

Quick back of envelope indicates 8% yield, 5% cap rate.

Do you fly to Austin to view homes before buying? It’s a hassle to visit, it’s an ordeal to go through the mortgage process for a small mortgage on a remote house.

I have not visited my AZ house after I bought. The only time I seen it was during the pre-sale inspection. The time investment on a remote property is expensive. Also you’ll have to buy turnkey housee

No, should be able to visualize from the photos. Tell the agent to go there to confirm. Option money is just a few hundred dollars and you have 10 days to do an inspection (termite if necessary), survey and appraisal (mostly measurement only).

Do you visit your house at least once before escrow closing? How is the new home price compare with existing home?

Is new home easier to flip? You can pay a little option money to reserve one house,when it’s built after 1 year, price might be up 15% then you sell and reserve another one.

Or just reserve 10 houses and sell all 10 when they are built. If the price drops, you just give up your option money