San Francisco made the top three!

San Francisco made the top three in the most stolen cars competition! Despite having a low rate of car ownership, due to the approving of apartment building with little or no parking, San Francisco made the top three. As San Francisco Dragon Boy puts it, The Drab 7x7 wins again.

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My car was broken into in SF back in 2008 or 9. Back then GPS was a hot toy and that was the thing that did me in. The thieves didn’t even touch the pile of quarters.

Bears break into cars more than people in Tahoe…lol

Solution - don’t own a car.

Yes, do like the young kids and Uber/Lyft everywhere…

Solution own a garage. …Sorry owning a car in snow country is essential. .preferably 4wd…it is a question of survival…Although I do get a kick watching young idiots riding bikes in the slush and falling into pools of water

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For a minute I thought it was about third place in you getting dizzy looking for a parking space in SF.

Plenty of parking in the Sunset. That is why small box homes are 1M and above.

4wd can save life in snow and desert.

Wondering how people live in the snow country before automobile

They lived off eating stranded tourists, like the Donner Party…lol

Actually hardly anyone came to Tahoe in winter before 4wd…It was pretty much a summer resort before the 1960 Olympics. …It still is primarily a summer resort
Tourists in the winter get stranded all the time in 2wd cars with chains that falloff all the time…The locals really hate tourists that can’t drive in the snow…especially Prius drivers…

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