San Francisco much more livable than South Bay and East Bay

Well, at least for today… and especially in Sunset!!!

San Jose: 94 degrees :scream:
East Bay: 99 :scream: :scream:
San Francisco: 75 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You can always go somewhere or do something to be warmer but it is often much harder to find a cooler place if it is persistent heat for days in the area. Air conditioning is expensive (PG&E) but what can you do? I was at my properties in Oakland and Fremont on Friday and yesterday and boy I was sweating like a dog. The likelihood of me living in my Fremont house just dropped another 10-20%…

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According to, San Jose is 101 degree now…
It is HOT… here…

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74 in Capitola!

Another reason to avoid rentals in Santa Clara County. I am at a “cool” open house right now (vacant rental).

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Get solar panels. then AC for free :slight_smile:
enjoying my free AC right now.

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Sweet! Did you outright buy or did one of those creative financing programs on the panels? Any battery storage system (ala Tesla’s) being used?

Too bad anything under 100 is too cold for my wife

the previous owner had put in panels before it was cool when they were getting the roof repaired. So enjoying the fruits of their work. it generates about 2kwh in the middle of the day which is just about enough to power the AC. on days when i dont use the AC it goes towards charging the car, and defraying the rest of my electric bill

i am grandfathered into PG&E’s net metering setup. so no benefit from getting a storage solution

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Buy a couple of PCG lots.