San Jose Falafel's Drive-In faces threat from serial ADA plaintiff

The specialties at Falafel’s Drive-In on Stevens Creek Boulevard in San Jose include falafel sandwiches, gyros, salads, pita chips and a banana shake. Nowhere on the menu does the iconic San Jose restaurant offer humble pie.

The 50-year-old eatery is one of the latest victims of serial plaintiff Scott Johnson, who has sued the restaurant over Americans with Disabilities Act violations like countertops that are too high, bathrooms that are tough to navigate, and handicapped parking in the wrong place.

A lot of businesses sued by Johnson wind up paying him attorneys’ fees of $5,000 or more. It makes for a handsome income stream for the disabled Carmichael lawyer. But the family that owns Falafel’s does not want to settle. They’re thinking seriously about fighting.

That Scott Johnson dude is a serious scumbag. The Falafel guys are asking for donation to fight the scumbag. Pitch in. Or just go get a falafel.

He’s well known to us. He will be getting a taste of his own.

Angry women and the IRS are formidable opponents.


I knew Anton. He was a regular at Garden City. He came there almost every day to play poker and low ball before that. I was also an occasional customer at his place. I wasn’t that fond of falafel but I felt like I should return the favor. If I was making money of him he should make some off me. I’ve done the same with many local business owners that were customers. Two of them had businesses at Valley Fair.

I don’t want to be her landlord :scream:

Chef Kwan’s, formerly Su Hong, at 630 Menlo Ave. in Menlo Park, is the most recent restaurant to be sued by Ronny-Marie Wilson, a Sunnyvale resident who uses a wheelchair.
Since June 2015, Wilson has sued 37 businesses in the Bay Area.