San Jose has nation’s highest share of co-borrowers on home loans



In what city do more than half of all homebuyers list co-borrowers on their mortgage documents? San Jose, where 50.9 percent of all buyers get financial assistance from family and friends in order to qualify for a home loan.

Among American cities, it’s the highest share of co-borrowers for home purchases, according to a new report. In other words, mom and dad — or a rich aunt and uncle — are helping the kids buy houses in Silicon Valley.

As Bay Area housing continues to escalate in price, San Jose buyers also make the largest median down payments in the U.S., according to the second-quarter report from Attom Data Solutions, which compiles nationwide property data.


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Never mind, read the rest of it Dragonboy…


So San Jose is the most expensive metro in US and fifth in the world. Followed by San Francisco. Nothing new here, moving on… :slight_smile:


San Jose > San Francisco ! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Wait… what about your SF house??? Should have bought another one in San Jose instead… :rofl:


I am working to rectify the situation…


How so??? Do share…


This article is misleading. Co-borrowers don’t necessarily mean help from family and friends, but maybe purchase as a married couple.


Exactly @harriet…hint, hint (time for me to earn my red envelope…)


But this article is suggesting half of the people bought without co-borrowers. Isn’t that great? :slight_smile:


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