San Jose the BEST City in NorCal for Living the American Dream

I should know. I achieved my American Dream in SJ.

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I achieved my American dream in… Palo Alto!

I achieved my… what is an American dream?

Yeah, I guess if “living the American Dream” is living in anonymity…it must get tiring to constantly explain to people not around here where/what is San Jose. Eventually, and let’s not lie, more often than not, one probably goes, oh, it is a city south of San Francisco. Bingo! Then, people probably go ok, I know where that is…

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American dream = SFH with a big backyard, 2 car garage, married couple with 2+ kids. Let’s face it. It’s way easier to live that life in San Jose. Who cares whether people know about SJ or not? Unless you like to fight tourists for parking spots.


Wait… this is not a fair statement to people who don’t like yards, people who don’t like to own cars, people who prefer to be single, and people who don’t want kids. :slight_smile:

C’mon. We all know REAL Americans want all those. :slight_smile:

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Achieved that in 2007. Singapore dream is a little more humble, only a condo will do :), achieved in 1993.

Yeah, that is probably why older folks downsize…cuz they love that big yard!!! What is the point of the garage when (a) people’s wives store their Amazon bought junk in there and (b) soon there will be no need for personal owned cars??? 2 car garage = sweet inlaw pulling in $1250 min rent???:slight_smile:

Hey! Who told you to look inside my garage? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So now Seattle is buying San Jose?

Speaking of garages…My buddy built a house in the Dumbarton tract in Redwood City…cheap 25’ wide lots…The buyer enclosed the carport…They next buyer turned it into an illegal inlaw unit…

Just like selfstorage…garages aee a form of land banking. …Future second units, when cars and junk become obsolete. .Not in my lifetime, though…I have the live expectancy of a cat. 20 years from now I will be 83, if lucky. .

Yes, I am seeing this being done with my Fremont neighbors. I imagine a relatively easy cost project to essentially incorporate the already framed garage space and taking down the wall that separates the two spaces. I can turn my 3/1 to a 4/2 perhaps (making a nice master suite of the space). Obviously, like your buddy’s property, this is doable because there is probably a ton of driveway left in front of the old garage for too many cars.