San Jose's Push To Become A Smarter City

Facebook providing free gigabit-speed Wi-Fi service to businesses and visitors here in our downtown

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Meaning… more people on Facebook and sending email? Does that really increase intelligence?

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Yes, more people playing Candy Crush FASTER is not necessarily a smarter town…

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So yesterday. Pokeman Go :slight_smile:


Yes, guilty for being old school. You should be happy I even mention an internet game at all (wifey used to play that candy crush). You are chatting with someone who had a real Defender arcade machine in his dining room at one point. Do you even know what Defender is? Look it up if you don’t. It ranks as arguably one of the hardest arcade games ever (but fun) to play.

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“[quote=“Terri, post:2, topic:500”]
Meaning… more people on Facebook and sending email? Does that really increase intelligence?

Exactly! One of the items I was referring to in my post about the SF demographic I’m seeing in my work.

It appears to me, that too many are engaged in such activities instead of producing billable output. But the worst part is, they actually believe they are doing something constructive for the entity they are working for!

If one more special snowflake pulls out their cellphone and begins scrolling through their email, texting a friend or playing an online game during an important business meeting I’m at, I’m going to bean them with my iPad or my own cellphone. ( I use the first to type notes into an electronic copy of the agenda and handouts and the second is turned off during the meeting because whatever it is, can wait until after the business at hand is finished!)

I can only imagine what being a dedicated teacher would be like in this day and age of limited attention spans, electronic diversions combined with helicopter parents.



How else do you think the surgeon brother in law keeps that hand/eye coordination sharp??? :wink:

I tried to crack a joke like that when I met Sam Liccardo in a school meeting. He had a Verizon guy and they explained us the importance of Wi-Fi. It is not only for uneducated on watching where you step or where you cross in front of me when I am driving 80MPH but for all the high tech that’s coming our way.

I think Uverse/AT&T has an ad about it, you are on vacation and just press a button and your garage door is closed, or your front door opens or closes. Anything like that via Wi-Fi.
How about security cameras? Your life may depend on technology pretty soon.

Yes but, does he do it during surgery say, while he’s waiting for the anesthesiologist to finish?