San Leandro - Multi Units

Ok, even in San Leandro 4 unit apartment buildings are hitting 1M now…

You may as well buy this San Jose 4-plex for 1.5M. Certainly the rent will be much more.

Yeah, not too bad if the rents are good. Is that price going to hold mostly or will something like that go way more over asking? I was just happy to see San Leandro selling. I figure it is a good sign for me in Oakland.

Go on loop net to search for multi family. Way more selections there. Saw one 3-plex for 500K or so that rents for 3800 a month, near the San Leandro border.

Gosh, really? Geez, should be cash positive on that right? Thanks for the tip. I might see if there is anything in Newark and Fremont. More expensive for sure but maybe worth it if the area gets hot.