San Mateo, Come On Down!

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San Mateo Teardown Home Listed for $1.2 Million - YouTube

San Mateo is a relatively underpriced gem. We passed on a home with its own private beach many years ago, and my wife is still blaming me now.

How are the schools there?

Schools are good enough for me. Mid-ranked, about the same level as Millbrae and Burlingame. Not as good as Palo Alto and Cupertino, but that also means competition is far less intense. If your kid is the A-type who thrives in competitive environment, PA and CU are probably better. But for middle of the road kids I think they would be happier in these good but not super-awesome schools.


Yeah, I would have considered San Mateo when I did the exchange from Oakland. Wifey said Millbrae and above, so for some reason, it was Millbrae and above…

Weather is great, neighborhoods are nicely done and tons of restaurants.

Wait there are home with private beach in San Mateo? How? I love San Mateo (especially by 280).

It was more than 10 years ago. Can’t find it on Redfin anymore.

This house also has a beach. The one I missed was way nicer, with bigger beach, and you can actually walk out to the water. This one is mostly rocks at the edge, and a bit too close to the neighbors on the opposite shore.

With climate change (sea levels rising), best you didn’t go there…

Tell yo wife that!!!