San Mateo County home prices overtake San Francisco for the first time since 2007


All I’m just saying is that in 2011 you could have bought anything and 2x at least.


That was a time when everybody had no money. Or they had money but was afraid to do anything.

Now, people are bold but things have moved way up. So people are still cash strapped… :scream:


Being cash strapped is a constant.


AFTER - Asking $400K(40%) more in 5 months



Been on this forum for almost two years and you still can’t get my name right :expressionless:


@BAGB knows every single detail of Jane Kim though… :wink:


All the fault of the spelling checker :rofl:


Bad poeple got more publicity. Media’s fault.


Uh huh sure :unamused:


To be clear, my last name is NOT KIM. :slightly_smiling_face:
I learned about her in this forum.


Is it Park or Lee?


Lee, Shin or Park?