San Ramon: City Center Bishop Ranch Shopping Center

30k workers., wow oh wow.

Awesome. I have long hoped the tri-Valley area will rise up to challenge the golden triangle PA-MV-SVL. Housing cost is 50% lower in Tri-Valley and people can even commute from over the hill in Tracy etc. but first it has to make the area hip for the picky millennials.

Boba Guy gets a thumbs down from @harriet though…

San Ramon already has a lot of boba joints (Sharetea, T4, I-Tea, etc.). Any one of them tastes better than Boba Guys.

I am surprised at the popularity of boba tea beyond Asians. Personally I can’t stand it.

I introduced a coworker to boba since she never had it before (she came here on a business trip from Europe a few months ago). She loved it so much she got it like every other day during her stay here :sweat:

Man… you ruined a perfect fine human being… :man_facepalming: