SanRamon, Dublin growth related to schools or anything else?

I see the growth in San Ramona and Dublin are as good (more in some cases) as Fremont/ Milpitas. Is it just for the good schools that people want to take the long commutes (680 is horrendous during busy hours)

Affordability wise the prices are matching Fremont and Milpitas. Does going that far for schools and newer communities sustain in the long term growth.

For people commuting to SF, it’s closer. I agree the commute to the south bay is brutal.

Newer communities and thus newer houses are very attractive. For the same price as Fremont you can buy a brand new house with better schools. Taking about places other than mission of course.

How does it sustain long term. I see similarities to Ever Green. Is that a fair comparison.

There is a fair amount of IT and little bit of biotech around Pleasanton. It’s much nicer compared with evergreen. Better schools, newer houses. Personally I really like it there. Google and some other big companies operate buses from there too.

I don’t think you need to worry about sustainability. It has been sustainable for a decade or two and with severe housing shortage in West Bay where do you find space to build SFH?

Evergreen is a horrible commute to everywhere.

Evergreen commuting to Santa Clara and Sunnyvale is tolerable. To go further up you need to pick your timing.

Google, Amazon, Genentech, Facebook, Gilead, Yahoo all have buses from Dublin/Pleasanton

Dublin’s major issue with schools is that there is only one HS and it’s on west side of town and is experiencing overcrowding with all the new housing - that means if you live in East Dublin it will take you 45 min - 1 hr to drive your kid to school on the other side of town (or take public buses since no school buses in Dublin or Pleasanton)


Do the pay lanes on 680 improve traffic time? Or most commuters go with 580/880?