Santa Rosa Places 45-day Moratorium on Rent Increase

Got this from my property manager in Santa Rosa.

How many cities now have moratoriums (moratoria?) on rent increase? I think Oakland has one.

Correct, Oakland and SF have rent control. I was looking in San Bruno and SSF awhile ago since my realtor buddy said those cities do not have rent control.

It’s a 3% limit. This stuff never works long-term. Now people won’t want to build new rentals.

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This is not rent control. Santa Rosa actually doesn’t have rent control. They are discussing it though.

So this X-days moratorium bit is a new trend. Oakland has rent control and a 90-day moratorium to limit rent increase to, wait for it, 1.7%.

Right, I was focusing on the maximum allowable rent increase per year. SF has that too.