Schools in SF?


The odd thing is, our Commander In Chief does not share in my enthusiasm for the Sunset so either he really actually loves it (inside) or it may be the Mrs. who does. Yet, presumably, he would share in my joy for the crazy-arse upticks in price every hour seen in the Sunset since he owns, or maybe not. Yet, not a whimper from him. So that’s why maybe he is not in the Sunset or possibly rents. Maybe, it is the Mrs. Manch who loves the Sunset and he had to just come along, kicking and screaming. Again, we know who the real boss is…

It would help if he just came out of the closet, err, came clean…:slight_smile:


ha ha ha… yes, time to come out of the closet!!! :slight_smile:


Sorry to disappoint the Sunsetters here, no, I don’t live in Sunset. :slight_smile:

I just came back from the Westlake TJ. Man, what’s up with all the fog? It’s like 55 degrees out there…


How I envy… I’m in Walnut Creek/Concord all day today and it’s like an oven… 90+ sweating bullets!


We should hold off on all this Sunset talk, even though I was the one who started it… :stuck_out_tongue:

@MM_HH are you moving up here? I think elementary schools are pretty good in SF. Middle schools are not bad, but many parents will seriously consider privates for high school. The principal of Alice Fong Yu, one of the best public K-8 schools here, told me roughly 1/3 of their kids go to the assigned high school, 1/3 go to Lowe, and 1/3 go privates. To get into Lowe you need to compete with all the other kids in SF.


Again, send your kid(s) to Lowell if they get in or consider one of the other public high schools in San Francisco. Fact: my buddy’s daughter is starting at UCLA this Fall and did not go to Lowell. She was also accepted into Cal and UC San Diego.


Psst…I got a Sunset home to sell you…


I already have one. I’m not greedy… :slight_smile:


It’s not that hard to get into Cal, UCLA, and UC San Diego.


I don’t think anybody would share the same excitement you do even if he/she lives in Sunset…


Ok, if you say so…


Believe me, plenty of my neighbors and friends who live and OWN in the Sunset are quite happy thank you very much that their respective properties are going up with each counting minute. I guess you would have to be an actual Sunset owner to really know if you share the same excitement as we do, right?:slight_smile:


Most properties in the bay area are going up with each counting minute…I know plenty of people who still live in Sunset and they are not die hard fans like you are.


Back on topic - we just went through the kindergarten assignment process. For the most popular schools, even attendance area residence is not a solid guarantee of assignment. Many attendance area schools do not have capacity to handle the demand in their attendance area, and the tiebreakers above that (particularly CTIP 1) can have a significant effect at the most in demand schools. The very best schools have some of the worst odds for attendance area residents to get in.

We ranked 41 schools on our initial application and feel very lucky to have gotten #4. We will still end up commuting ~3miles to school instead of going to a more preferred school two blocks away. We have friends who are currently very unhappy with their assignment and are trying to waitlist into better schools. Many families get a school near the top of their list, but there is still a significant portion that end up in a situation they are not at all happy with.


My SF home is in the Clarendon elementary attendance area. Clarendon’s API of 956 is the highest of all SF elementary schools… I scored!!!


3 miles is far in SF, where traffic moves so slowly… How long is your commute to school? Do you like the school?


We liked the school on the tour! Haven’t started yet though. Guess I need to report back in August.

My normal direct commute to work is 35-40 minute by bike (Sunset to SOMA). School drop off (on bike) will probably add 10-15 minutes since it’s a bit out of the way (Sunset to Richmond to SOMA). Don’t know how I would survive without the bike. The same commute would be really awful on Muni and car to work is not an option for us.


Wow. Biking from one end of the city to the other… that’s pretty hardcore. What do you do in winter?


I get wet. :grin:

Good rain gear plus extra clothes is generally enough to get by. It’s not always fun, but the time savings is worth the discomfort.


Biking is hard… going up those hills. I had trouble doing that 20 years ago so certainly can’t do that now that I’m senile and weak… I need my car :slight_smile: