Schools in SF?

For those of you that live in the city, how do the public schools work? Is it a lottery or do kids go to the neighborhood school? I tried to find some info online but couldn’t find a clear-cut explanation.

Still lottery system but supposedly better now(?) but still a work in progress. I am def not the perfect person to ask about this but I am a native and of course did go to Lowell High. Here is the official website info on how to apply:

Again, my understanding is that our Fearless Leader Manch moved from the supposedly paradise city of San Ho to the Fab 7x7 in part due to the chinese immersion program. I am sure Manch can fill you in on how that has gone or is going…

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SF Unified has a multi-step tie-breaker system.

Supposedly distance is not one of the criteria. In practice you can appeal and I heard usually they won’t go all nuts on you and send your kids to the opposite end of the city from your house. Each kid has I think 3 preferences. My daughter didn’t get into our first choice, but did get the 2nd choice. I don’t know the stats but I think vast majority of kids get into one of their 3 choices. If not you can certainly appeal. And I know people who were successful with their appeals.

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Wait a minute. SF has “attendance area” schools. I guess that’s like a mini school district within itself. If you live in Sunset (brrr…) and you don’t want your kids to ever see sunshine, you can put them in Sunset schools. But which one exactly is still up to the system.

My kid goes to a special language school which draws kids from all over the city. Those types of special schools don’t have its attendance area.

Hmm, maybe the cold of the westside is actually good for the brain???

C’mon. That’s just the map showing where tiger moms live.


Perhaps, but this also explains the boom times of the Sunset!!! Everything makes sense now… good schools = high prices. Who would have thunk it???

Why @manch always diss Sunset? @manch, where is your house in SF?

Attendance area map:

It’s pretty fine grained. You are not guaranteed a spot in your attendance schools, but very likely you will get one.

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We need some balance here. Someone needs to balance out @sfdragonboy’s relentless Sunset propaganda… :smile:

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Yeah, I don’t get it either. It would be one thing if I am crying “Fire, Fire” and Sunset home prices are still flat lining but they ain’t right? People, certainly smarter than me and in the biz no less, have come out and said the Sunset is the hottest thing since Lorenzo Ball (err, scratch that).

Chances are, he is a closet Sunseter…or at least on the west side… i would bet money on it…

@manch, if you tell me where your home in SF is, I’ll tell you where mine is :slight_smile:

I’m telling you he is a closet Sunseter!!! He hates to admit it but the Sunset is golden!!!

Hahaha… let see what he has to say…

You know what they say…silence, says a mouthful!!!

Maybe, Ocean!!!
Maybe, Richmond!!!

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I thought it’s public knowledge on this forum that @manch is in Sunset…

I thought everybody knows where your house is in Sunset also…

No, unless you know something we don’t…

Well, he mentioned he moved up here for chinese immersion school, so since I don’t have any rugrats, that would not be a clue for me. I recall him saying his fav chinese take-out is on Ocean, so I am going to hedge and say in terms of likely neighborhoods it would be:

  1. Ocean
  2. Sunset
  3. Sunnyside
  4. Richmond

Sorry, Boss, we know you ain’t in St. Francis Wood…:slight_smile:

I was under the impression that he’s either in Inner or Central Sunset.

Ok, I will be on the lookout for a Honda CRV with an adult Asian male driving it… shoot, that is practically every CRV out there in the Sunset, right???

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