It’s a really good question and he is a very social kid. With the two schools we’re most seriously looking at, he’ll already have a couple of friends either from his current school or who attended his previous school. But staying where he is would probably make him happiest socially. I do suspect though, that at Bellarmine, he would probably run in different circles from his parochial school classmates, and even from his best friend who attends there. But there would be familiar faces for sure.


Maybe if you’re in sales :slight_smile: I definitely think it helps the friend I know who is a Real Estate Agent. He gives off an aura of service to you and easy to work with for everyone all around.



No chit.

My daughter is in the 95% percentile in math. She is in third grade, but going by 5th grade now.
91 in literature.

Except her teacher had an identity crisis and decided she couldn’t handle it anymore. I noticed something was wrong with her because she was all smiles and congratulations 10 days ago when we sat down to see our daughter’s evaluation.

Poor teachers, they are seen as the Jesus Christ of our times, when our kids, excuse my French, may be as dummy as us.



Really, dwindling enrollment? Isn’t this area probably gonna grow in the future???


Interesting. That area’s housing price has been shooting up. So maybe young families can’t afford there anymore. Same with SF.


People with money are having fewer and fewer kids. People who are broke are having more kids. So I think you’ll see less schools needed in expensive areas and more schools needed in the poorest areas.


Good schools are overflowing and wait listing.


The schools on the list for possible closure include Del Roble Elementary, Miner Elementary, Frost Elementary, Anderson Elementary, Oak Ridge Elementary, Glider Elementary, Baldwin Elementary and Santa Teresa Elementary.

All the schools except 2 seem to have bad API scores(2013).


That area’s schools are not good. But if you lived in that area and have kids where else can you go? Are the richer folks all send their kids to private schools? House prices are getting higher and higher in that area. Who are the buyers? Do they have kids or not?


^^ is the only explanation.

They don’t care about kids education
They don’t have kids & don’t care yet, but hope it will get better over 10 years.


Most likely they do. There’s also a sizable homeschooling community in San JOse. I heard Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church had 1000 members in their homeschool group. Don’t know if it’s true though.


Enrollment down in Menlo Park. Prices pushing out young families and families that do move in are having fewer kids (sounds like Singapore, Korea, Japan, …)


Menlo park would soon be known as old men park :grinning:


At least the young facebook techies can afford them and living there grandiosely…


Maybe it’s a national phenomenon due to the smaller GenX population. Millennials are late to marry and many may never have kids. School may need to downsize and some teachers will lose their jobs.

South SJ and Menlo Park are different end of the market and they both have a smaller school population. It’s not because young families move out, it’s that there are less young people and even less young people with kids.


Higher income = less kids

Also, higher female education levels = less kids


The more liberal Bay Area becomes, the less schools kids we’ll have. Liberalism will take teachers jobs away.

This man offers $5M to have a baby. Considering that he lives in Phoenix, $5M in Phoenix is equivalent to $20M here. And he was fired since he wanted a kid so badly


He could have gotten a better deal
$5m is supper high. Surrogate mothers can be found for $20k