Two other aspects–MP may be simply getting older. A lot of the houses were built in 1960s, and those people still live there.

Also, I wonder if more $$ means more people using private schools. That said the parochial school we have one kid at has had a lower enrollment the last 2 years for Kindergarten. But there are a lot of private schools opening up on the peninsula.

It’d be interesting to compare it to Redwood City which i was under the impression was getting more crowded.


So wait, low enrollment is actually a good thing:

"The numbers are significant because the Menlo Park district, along with the Woodside, Portola Valley and Las Lomitas districts, is “community funded” (formerly called “basic aid”), meaning it receives most of its revenue from local sources. Little of the funding is tied to enrollment. The local revenue sources include property taxes, parcel taxes and donations.

In the Menlo Park district, lower enrollment could ease the district’s budget woes. Consultants had previously predicted the district would have 3,151 students in 2020 and 3,280 in 2025. The new projection shows 2,939 students in 2020 and 2,979 in 2023. Enrollment in October of 2017 was 2,972."


Unless they layoff teachers or administrators, how much will this actually impact their budget? In theory, they could layoff 10-12 teachers but will they?


How about the east bay like San Ramon and dublin? Some people are having kids in the Bay Area just maybe not in Menlo Park.


I think the point is that it doesn’t change Menlo Park’s budget, but it allows them some breathing room.


That would confirm that it is a $$ issue.


Looks like $3M is the lowest price in Menlo Park.


Um… they even have homes for under a million in Menlo Park.


Is that EPA schools? There’s a section of Menlo Park that is. It’s way cheaper than the rest of the city.


Ok, you want better location then pay up!!! This one is in North Fair Oaks, not sure about the school but price-wise it’s more than a million now…


510 8th ave. is North fair oaks–Redwood City schools–Garfield which is NOT high rated. [Also Kennedy middle school is not high rated. But it is zoned for Menlo Atherton which is high rated. Mixed bag.]

Also these are prices from October. Maybe I ran today’s search wrong, but that’s all I saw for Menlo Park schools was $3M and up.


Don’t forget that it goes both directions. More kids -> lower income. For sure, our income would be way higher if I didn’t have 3 kids. The potential is there, the time is not.


Also probably similar crime to parts of EPA and 100 year flood zone plus high liquefaction zone.


:scream: but then Marina in SF is also high liquefaction although people could care less there…


Oh wait! There are two 3BRs available in MP district for almost $2M

Not sure how I missed those.


Even if your house in “good school zone” (considering that you just moved to your new house) it does not guarantee that your kids will go to particular school.
"-No openings. Thats it. Period. Go to XYZ school"
That s exactly what happened to family i know in Mountain View.


yeah. Happened in Belmont as well a couple of years ago.

That would actually be really good for us. Since I’d like them to stay in their current school. That would help with the ID transfer.


Another fortress school district in financial stress caused by falling enrollments:

Prices go up because schools are good. Makes it harder for young families to move in / have kids. Causes enrollment to fall. Results in lower funding because of how CA funds their schools. Where is it going to leave the school district moving forward…

btw, a fair number of parents in my social circle are starting to talk about private schools :pensive:


Old news?


Dunno. Was published today. might be old news, but first i saw it.