I read this article with a shock and did some research on it.
My speculation on lower $_per_pupil in CUSD than RCSD was mainly because CUSD doesn’t include high schools while RCSD does. I guess $_per_pupli for high school student is higher than middle/elementary student.


Speaking of schools…


Are you or social circle already living in the good school district like CUSD? I also hearing more about private schools in my circle too, but for my case, most of those come from those currently living in place with no so desirable school districts and they don’t want to move (yet). So sending to private school for one kids is still cheaper than home upgrade and probably better choice for them too.


So with enough decrease in CUSD enrollment, it’ll eventually become Community Funded!


Cost of private school with after school services < cost of public school + childcare services


I pay $600 per months for onsite YMCA childcare.
It cannot be more expensive than private school tuition.


Part of it could be geo distribution. e.g. LA Unified literally swims in cash. That drives them to do boondoggles like the ipad for every student fiasco a few years ago


Harker School’s tuition is significantly higher than most comparable private schools in the Bay Area. Preschool tuition is $29,561 for full day, $20,831 for half day; kindergarten and elementary tuition is $34,678; middle school tuition is $42,237; upper school tuition is $45,877.
Harker School - Wikipedia

Also Harker is not the most expensive private school in the bay area. So it depends on what the cost of after school care is going to be to see if this makes economic sense.


All 3 of them are in what we would call fortress school districts.


I guess you meant “Community funded school”. Right?
That’s exactly what I am thinking.


So some Cupertino parents may wish school enrollment to decrease rapidly while school district is worried. A split of interests.

How to decrease the enrollment? Attract more wealthy parents and let them send kids to private school.

How to attract wealthy parents? Make your home price rise to the moon.

How to raise your home price? Use your creativity.


According to CUSD, enrollment is decreasing rapidly now.
This means CUSD can be community funded school soon and can keep all of their property tax revenue in excess of guaranteed budget. This will increase “$_per_pupil” in CUSD just like PA/LA/MP/MV.
I am not sure why this is so bad thing to students as school district warns.


Thanks Jane–therein lies my confusion.


My pleasure. :slight_smile:
I was awfully confused as well until I nailed down all of these details.


If the property tax revenue for the district is $X, and the total funding is $Y. Today X is less than Y, which is why the state has to make up the rest. In order to be self sufficient, the total operating cost $Z has to be less than $X. If they have a balanced budget, Y==Z. So eventually Y and Z has to be brought down to less than X(assuming X doesn’t change much) to become community funded district.

It is not necessarily a bad thing for future students. But it is certainly a bad thing for administrators, who almost always like to have more budget and larger district. Ask any politician, do they prefer to be the president of the most powerful country in the world, or that of a small country with a tiny population? :laughing:


Also teachers don’t like to lose jobs. Administrators don’t like to lose jobs. There is always a conflict of interest. Don’t believe what you read blindly, the authors may have a different agenda and does not necessarily have your best interest in mind.

Of course, they can argue that a smaller school with higher fund per pupil is bad since your kids will have less alumni and some classes may be cut


I’m going to be honest with you, but I don’t think that Harker has many comparable schools. There are not a lot of schools that offer the acceleration that they do and have as many undergraduate level courses as they do. Nueva would be another one. Nueva is around the same price. (Both will break $50K next year.)

Very very few schools actively offer precalc to 8th graders.


What kind of colleges does Nueva feed into? If the kid goes to Nueva and has nothing else other than good academic record, is Ivy still reachable from Nueva?


Nueva is for gifted kids. They’ll get into elite colleges if they want. Some of them are doing college-level research in high school.


Does Harker screen their kids? Or they will take whoever has the money?