From the discussion here and a bit elsewhere, I think Harker takes both–definitely they have kids who are gifted. But they may also take regular kids from wealthy families and push them to achieve. I can’t say for certain that the latter is true, but I think it is probably is. I can say for certain that they are able to provide challenging classes for gifted kids.


Honestly 45k + “donations” already does a lot of screening. Very few families can afford it, much less for multiple kids.


So wealthy kids at full price, gifted with fin-aid?


Is this school list impressive? Many kids go to no-name colleges.


Yeah, I think the list is very impressive. You can also see they are accepted into very diverse array of schools as well. One of my sons’ favorite RISD is in the list. Didn’t see Cooper Union though.


Not as glitzy as Harker’s, but still pretty good. 10 Stanford, 2 UC Berkeley, 1 MIT, 2 Harvard, 2 Princeton, John Hopkins, etc.

Also possible that some of the kids got full rides at 2nd tier colleges and decided to take it. Hard to tell.

The kids are definitely very diverse in their interests.


tomato looks at his wallet, decides to have 1 kid only.


Time to launch tomatocoin.


just 2 minutes ago, i was telling my friend, maybe i should put my CS skills and my alma matter and employer history ot some use. I heard the premium for the combination is fairly high.

and you think i am kidding. I don’t know if i am.

It won’t be called tomato coin though. I should find a more serious name.


I was wondering where I heard that name, Nueva, from. My sister’s buddy sends her son to Nueva all the way from the Fab 7x7. Kinda far, no???


Seems Nueva is big at Stanford, but weak at Ivy’s.


Do you need to learn some blockchain technology first? How long does it take to learn? If not to launch a new coin, I believe the price for blockchain work might go up astronomically


Tomato coin is way more serious than dogecoin.


Not that great. No one went to SJ State University where Jan Koum went. Also, no Reed College. Bleh.


i am fairly familiar with blockchain tech, yes.


I want to read up on blockchain on a CS level. Any pointers?


did you read original bitcoin paper? that’s a good start.


Ok. Let me do that.


after you do that, i have one more that is very detailed, but still not too hard.


Here is the link for bitcoin:

Very easy to understand.