Correct. Got confused with terminology!


Out of curiosity, what’s the annual income criteria for financial aid at Harker?


The vocal segment of Cupertino residents already oppose high density housing construction in the name of traffic woes. High density housing will obviously stem decreasing CUSD enrollment but trade-off will be worse traffic.


Might not be too bad. Just have to get to the Caltrain stop.

If you have a kid who needs Nueva, you do what you have to.


I don’t know. It would depend on your own finances and what other kids are in private schools/college. Generally the advice is to not feel shy about applying and see what you get. Worst that happens is you can’t go. Best that happens is that it’s just what you need.


Caltrain is the medium I hear…


We are lucky to live in the bay area.

Most republican strongholds, the neck of the wood areas are broke.


Agreed, that’s my take as well. People have built a little empire and now don’t want to scale down which will let them get a better investment per student. CUSD should shut down some of the schools and stop taking in students from WSJ and Sunnyvale. They should also eliminate a number of admin and teaching positions related with this change. This will allow Cupertino to fund properly the student base.


yah, that’s why I found the arguments against Vallco redevelopment asinine. They are saying with a straight face that if Vallco is redeveloped the schools will get overcrowded and new schools need to be funded when the schools are in trouble with falling enrollment. We need to increase density if the schools are not going to be downscaled.


Sigh. Wifey is focused on Harker and I was trying to FIRE. If we have to send the little one(s) to Harker, we can’t FIRE.


Maybe start a Harker of your own and then FIRE away after a few years :wink:


I am not sure this would help CUSD financially.
If you look at housing price for WSJ(Lynbrook High area) and Sunnyvale(Homestead High), they are not cheaper than Monta Vista High area and they are more expensive than Cupertino_High(especially Hyde_middle) area.
Cupertino_high/Hyde_middle neighborhood is the area which has the largest number of students due to high density housing.

Out of curiosity, do you live in CUSD?




OK. So, you think WSJ and Sunnyvale area in CUSD hurts CUSD financially and want them to leave.
I am not sure about Sunnyvale area but WSJ would be happy to leave CUSD if that’s what Cupertino residents want.
Miller and its feeder schools (which accepts WSJ students only) are top performers even among CUSD schools.


Why does she want Harker? Also what grade levels, how many kids?

I think there are reasons to send your kids to Harker, but they’re pretty specific. I also don’t know how much benefit you get with Harker/Nueva under 6th grade unless your kids are 99th %ile.


This is more an assumption on my part without a lot of research. To make this more then a flippant assumption i would probably have to dig into the financial details of how much funding CUSD gets from taking in non Cupertino kids and the feasibly of CUSD shrinking successfully, etc. Hard problem and not something i am qualified to comment on other then a gut feel. What I am a little annoyed about is how much property tax I am paying vs what I am getting out of the system.


We have just started private school research. So not exactly committed to any of them. Harker is more driven by peer recommendations. We are going to try to tour some schools.


Since you have spent more time researching this then me. What do you think are the reasons to go to Harker?



What grade levels?


Pre-school. Lol. The feedback we have gotten is that it’s easier to get kids into private school if you start early. It gets harder to get admitted later and also becomes more challenging because of the gap between kids that come out of the public school system and the ones that have been in private school for a while.