Sea level rise bringing down home values

What parts of the bay area are susceptible to this?

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I would think Foster City and Redwood Shores would top the list.

It might as well be fake science. New Oleans and The Netherlands are mostly below sea level. What are they doing?

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The rise is so slow that levees could be built. But the same people predicting the rise have no idea how to build levees and will probably put up environmental regulations to make them impossible to build.

If sea level rise is really a risk, just invest in R&D and use New Orleans and The Netherlands as a testbed. It’s possible that most useful techniques were already invented in Netherlands, we just need to copy and paste.

Instead of scaring people to death, do useful research on techniques to mitigate flood risk and the could-be-false sea level prediction

We should repeal prop 13 and enact prop 10 to raise money to build levies around the Bay Area.

The environmentalists will stop the levees no matter what it costs. The save the Bay people would like to see the land fill areas flooded back to 1850 shore lines

No tax needed. The cities who need levee will issue bond to build it, just a one time expense and small annual payment for each household.

No permanent tax on the whole population. Typical dummy liberal response, I thought you were better that those dumb liberals who have no brain :rofl:

Prop 10 only raise money for rent control administration cost. How do you connect it to levee? Absurd creativity. Are you tweeting under influence?

Dumb liberals will try to relate Prop 13 to rent control. The fact is that Prop 13 helps to reduce rent. I’m often amazed by the dumb liberal logic or illogic. Seems that smart liberals are following dumb ones a lot of times, not sure why. Is the dumb brainwashing the previously smart ones?

If you read the science, the ground sinking is 2/3rd of the problem. The sea rising is only 1/3rd, but the headlines will be about the sea rising.

They don’t want to solve any problem. They just want to scare people to waste more public money.

Netherlands has been below sea level for centuries. We are still many many centuries from that, if it ever becomes a reality.

Sensational science

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