Sears the Prefab Pioneer

Sears home-kit from their 1908 catalog.


where’s the page2

It’s amazing. The closets are tiny. There’s 1 bathroom for 4 bedrooms. It’s amazing how spoiled people are now with master suites, walkin closets, etc.

Here are some other house kits for sale from Sears back in the days:

This one would set you back 700 bucks.

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Sears should introduce this back into the market

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These houses are still standing today after 100+ years. Amazing!

Hey, I grew up in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom flat with 7 people max in the family. You do the math…

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These are hilarious today. Tiny bedrooms. No laundry room. One toilet upstairs, none down. $2500 was a lot of money then. Plus it didn’t include land or labor. No garage or landscaping either.

I gues the $725 one expected you to use an out house.

725 in 1913, is worth 18.5K today.

builders are screwing people :stuck_out_tongue:

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No reason why Sears can’t leave the retail to Amazon and go do houses on the cheap again…