Seattle Getting Some Chinese Love

When Anna Riley, a Seattle-area real-estate agent, held an open house for a new $2.3 million listing in the tony city of Bellevue late last month, the pool of prospective buyers was different from the usual assortment of tech magnates, sports stars and chief executives.

Twenty groups of buyers visited the property in the Seattle metro area—and all of them were Chinese.

“Every single one,” said Ms. Riley, an agent at Windermere Real Estate, noting that Asian investors had typically, before last year, accounted for about a quarter of the firm’s prospective buyers.

Chinese real-estate buyers are suddenly descending on the Seattle region. Some are lured by perceptions the coastal city is a bargain, others by warm memories of the 2013 Chinese film “Finding Mr. Right,” which put Seattle on the pop-culture radar there.

The biggest draw, though, might be the fact that it isn’t Vancouver. In August, the Canadian province of British Columbia imposed a 15% tax on foreign investment in the city, which until recently was a popular destination for Chinese. The tax applies to anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and buys a home in metro Vancouver.

How come NAFTA allows discrimination against Americans in Canada and Mexico, which also restricts foreign property buying rights…Can you imagine if we didn’t allow Mexicans to be able to buy outright coastal property like the restrictions in Mexico against foreign buyers?
Trump is right we didn’t get agood deal with NAFTA.

Why would anyone want to buy in Mexico? With all that lawlessness going on, no one is safe. And believe me, if their economy worsens the crime will increase even more with the drug trade, etc. Nope, Mexico is def not on my radar…

Trumps invasion plan would work…We took Mexico city in 1846…It was relatively easy to invade…Hard to hold, though…How would you run the country? Like in Iraq, ok we won, what is next??? Worst than before…Easy to attack hard to defend…basic military theory from Clausewitz
The best thing is to encourage trade and economic development in Mexico. …The worst thing is the Wall, impossible to build, impossible to defend
Won’t work…good for the tunneling business, though…

May be just to create jobs… fiscal policy… Keynesian theory…

It will built by Mexicans…They will get all the stimulist money…

As property owners I wish everyone in the world comes here to buy, to push up my property value. Why stop them?

Well, there might be a problem when the buyer comes with suitcases filled with white powder and say " street value is 1M, so that should cover for that home you are selling" …what then???:slight_smile:

I know quite a few people who want to buy in Mexico.

If they didn’t drive up values, then couldn’t you buy even more homes?

If prices don’t go up much then why bother buying here?

Nope, it was fun on the cruise but the bottom line is, it is not safe there. That is all one needs to know.

Well they still like Mexico despite all that, what do you want me to say

Which Mexican city is worth investment? I’ve been Cacun, not sure if it could be a good invrstment

Well the two people that I knew (one of them is a realtor) were looking at Los Cabos/Puerto Vallarta and some other place…can’t remember as I wouldn’t invest in Mexico personally so didn’t pay much attention.

I’ve been to both Cabos and PV, both tourist towns. I think El Chappo’s son was kidnapped at PV not too long ago. Cabos is closer to US and seems to be safer.

Safety is #1. Mexico honestly does not offer that, plain and simple. Sure, go there for a short resort visit and you will be probably safe. But to live there and stand out as an American ex pat, uh, no thanks. The government is simply losing the battle against the drug cartels. Violence has reached the resort areas/towns even, so you know it is out of control. Go to safe Hawaii and have a blast…

I have stayed in the hotel, La Krystal, where that resturant is, La Leche where they were kidnapped. .It will become part of the rustic charm lore of Mexico…Tourists don’t seem to worry…They really have no idea how corrupt and dangerous Mexico is …ignorance is bliss…

Lets face it Hawaii is pretty…as in pretty boring…People that go to Mexico like the roughess, charm and yes the risks…Mexico is exotic and exciting…Hawaii feels like Kansas but with nice beaches and good weather…

That said real estate prices are still going up in Mexico.