Seattle has had just 3 sunny, mild days since the start of October

That’s 3 out of 160 days. Ask yourself if you can handle the gloom before you hand in your 2 week notice…

Well, isn’t our very own @marcus335 a now proud resident of the Pacific Northwest? What say you, oh @marcus335???

They are talking about sunny and above a certain temperature at the same time. It’s sunny right now. There are some clouds, but they aren’t blocking the sun. There are a few days each week that have more sunny time than cloudy. I don’t get how/why they call it cloudy if the clouds aren’t blocking the sun. Yesterday was the first time it was raining hard enough that I regretted not having the over shell on my jacket, so I could use the hood. I had it on the first two weeks then took it off. It made my jacket too warm, and I wasn’t using the hood.

Build baby build. This is all on my 0.4 mile walk home.

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There were 2 more that got rejected for being too large.

Looks like Seattle is great for rich people… :slight_smile:

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Overall tax burden or just income tax?

There’s no income tax. Sales taxes are typically regressive.